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Your Body Type Determine Your Healthy Condition

Most of the people thought the slimmer the body was, then the better the health of that person.

Beep, you’re totally wrong about it! lol

Do you know that if you’re too skinny, you not only looks older than other people that same age with you, but you’ll also having the risk of being infected by other chronicle disease, due to your weak and deficiency immunity?

Below here is my healthy life “must do list”:

  1. Eat according to the USDA recommendation;
  2. Do exercises regularly, at least 10 minutes per day;
  3. Drinking 2 cup of green tea;
  4. Sleep at least 7-8 hours per day; and
  5. Don’t forget to smile everyday!

Therefore, it’s better to have a normal body shape, as you’ll have a strong resistance to the diseases, and you look much younger and healthier than other does!

The Untold Benefits of Eating Fruits Before Your Meals!

Most of us thought that it is a right and healthy habits to enjoy the fruits after our main meal. Beep, you’re terribly wrong about this eating habits as this is the bad habits and will only ruins your health here (Well, do you know that this habit also lead to the overweight or obesity problem to be occurred?)

On the contrary, you’re supposed to eat fruits before the meals, which you’ll get more advantages from it!

For your information, after you have enjoyed the meal, the food will stay at least 2-3 hours inside the stomach, as it need to go through the digestive process. Thus, if you eat fruits after the meal, it will cause the digestive disorders to be occurred.

Therefore, you should eat fruits before your meal, and it’s even better if you can eat them an hour before the main meal!

The Fruits Cannot Be Used As Your Daily Meals!

Do you know that a healthy adult needs at least 50 kinds of different nutrients to keep survive. We need more than100 grams of carbohydrates, 65 grams of protein, and 20 grams of fat for us to maintain the tissues and organs rejuvenation process to keep going!

If we substitute our meals with only fruits, which it only provide less than 1 percent of the required protein and almost free of any fatty acids, this will cause the malnutrition!

Therefore, it is wise to have the healthy eating habits, where you’ve to mix the meals and fruits in the good and correct ratio. Having a healthy eating habits also mean a merrier lifestyle to you!

Do Mind About What You Are Eat, Especially You’re Under The Skin Whitening Process!

Most of the know what to eat for the skin whitening, especially those fruits that enriched with Vitamin C, such as the strawberries, tomatoes, guavas, kiwifruit, cherries, and so on.

However, do you know that some of things cannot be consumed too much, and you’ll get darker if you insist to do it!

Here is the list what you should do, if you want to have a great and silky white skin!
Don’t eat too much meat products
The two amino acids inside the meats, which are Tyrosine and amphetamine-acid, are to be known as the main ingredients of the creation for melanoma. The melanoma will turn your skin into a darker tone! Therefore, it’s wise to avoid the meat products.

The Carrots and Papayas Contains the High amount of β carotene
If you consumed too much of these two foods, especially you taking it in raw, your skin will turn into yellowish! Therefore, you just have taken it moderately and you should be all right.

Just remembered the above tips and you’ll surely have a white and healthy skin!

Do Mind About The Temperature of Your Cooking Oil!

Hello to all my beloved readers, it is nice to see you again.

Did you still remember that a few days ago, I’ve been discussed about the benefits of using the olive oil? Well, for today, we will continue the topic and we will talk about “things you can and can’t do” when you’re using the cooking oil.

We’ve been told that it is good to cook by using cooking oil rather than the butter, however did you know that even some of the cooking oil cannot be reheated or overheated? The overheated oils will turn into a dangerous trans fats, and this trans fats has been known as the biggest threats and causes for the cardiovascular and heart related diseases.

Hold on a second, I kwew you’re asking here, “How can we determine, whether the cooking oil is overheated or not?” Well, there is a few simple ways to define the temperature of the cooking oil (Please keep the thermometer away, as we don’t even need it at this moment).

Do remember these two following important tips:

1. Never reheat your cooking oil for over several time, and
2. Never let the cooking oil becoming so hot until they start to smoke.

If you follows the above tips and apply it into your daily cooking, then it should be fine.

Also, you’re better using the vegetable oils than the animal oils, as these veggie oils are rich in polyunsaturated fat, where it’s a whole lot more easy for us to absorb.

The Miracle Cooking Oil - Olive Oil

Many of us love to use the Olive oil as the home cooking oil...

Well, if you're one of the person that have this type of habit..., Congratulation as you've made the right decision, by chosen the most supreme cooking oil of all...

Some of the benefits of using the olive oil as daily cooking oil are:

  1. It can prevent the cardio vascular related diseases
  2. It helps to control the diabetic's blood sugar level onto a more balanced level
  3. It will be an excellent cancer fighters, which mostly caused by the free radicals
  4. Its also helps to prevent the Alzheimer's disease

In addtion, olive oils also can be used as the skin regenerator, where it can be applied on the seriously burn wounds. The miracle is the users won't get any hideous scars after using the olive oil. Isn't this simply a miracle oil as I told you here?

Note: Photo credit goes to Napa Valley.

The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Five)

I’ve decided to add another new part five thread, and we will discuss about the foods that all blood types can benefit with…

Ta-da, below here is the foods, which suitable for all blood types:

  1. Green cauliflower (Good antioxidant)
  2. Mustard cabbage (heal the bruises)
  3. Olive oil (anti cancer and anti fat)
  4. Rose flower tea (strengthen your heart, but it is not suitable for those that having a serious constipation problem)
  5. Ginger tea (stop the vomiting, replenish your body’s natural moisture and also good for constipation as well)
  6. Green tea and grape (best energy supplier/rejuvenate method)
  7. Kiwi fruit and pineapple (prevent the constipation)
  8. Garlic (natural antibiotic)
  9. Trout and Sardine (enriched with nutrition)

That’s all, hopefully this health guide will benefits you all!

The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Four)

First of all, thanks for following this thread from the very beginning to the last.

I’m really appreciated for all of your supports, without you guys my blog is totally nothing…

Ok, let’s continue the last but not the least blood type, the AB blood type.

AB Blood Type

This is a very unique blood type, which it combined the two different blood types (A and B) and become a new AB blood type. Those peoples with AB blood type can, either enjoy eating vegetarian like A blood type, or they also can choose to consume the meats/seafood like B blood type.

There always the pros and cons for one matter. The AB blood type peoples also have to learn the effective relaxation methods and this for prevent the emotional illness happens to them.

In addition to the emotional illness matter, AB blood type person also has a weaker immune system than other blood types. For this solution, they need to consume many vegetables/fruits for strengthen their immunity.

Those foods that good for B blood type peoples:

Meat types: mutton, rabbit meat, turkey.

Vegetables: cabbage, cucumber, tapioca, seaweed, eggplant, yam, mushroom.

Fruits: cherry, fig, plum, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple (the best digestant for AB blood type).

Beverages: ginseng tea, Murdock tea, dandelion tea, hot lemon tea, grape juice, papaya juice.

Those foods that need to be avoided by B blood type peoples:

Meat types: chicken, duck, goose, bacon, ham (All type of poultry).

Vegetables: corn, carrot, black olive, bean sprout, artichoke.

Fruits: guava, banana, orange, coconut, starfruit, mango.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, orange juice, red tea, coca-cola, diet coke, ice cream soda.

Note: Wait, there still an extra part five for it, you’re better watch out…

The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Three)

Today, we are going to reveal the secret mask of another blood type

Please do pay attention here, if you’re the person with ‘B’ blood type.

B Blood Type

It had been known as the Earth third genetic blood type. Most of the B blood type peoples are majority the nomads, which change their living place frequently from time to time.

Therefore, this blood type had been adapted into a more tolerant and powerful digestive system than O and A blood types can be.

Another interesting fact about this B blood type person is they is the only blood type, which able to digest the dairy products and benefits from it totally! That is why; the B blood type peoples should use this advantage to get more nutrients from the dairy products.

Those foods that good for B blood type peoples:

Meat types: mutton, deer meat, rabbit meat (It can help you reduces the tiredness and increase your immunity, if you consumes several times in a week).

Vegetables: Chives, green pepper, red pepper, tapioca, yam, eggplant, mushroom.

Fruits: banana, papaya, pineapple, plum.

Beverages: ginseng tea, liquorices tea, peppermint tea, all kinds of fruit juices (except the tomato juice).

Those foods that need to be avoided by B blood type peoples:

Meat types: The B blood type peoples are advise to avoid consuming too much of poultry. They will have the high risk of getting stroke, if they consume the chicken meats occasionally in their daily life!

Vegetables: tomato (Causes upset in your stomach), corn, olive, bean sprout, artichoke, pumpkin.

Fruits: avocado, coconut, persimmon, guava, star fruit.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, tomato juice, soda, all carbonated drinks.

Note: Wait for the last part…Part 4

The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Three)

We continued with the previous unfinished blood types topic…

Today, we will discuss another blood type, which is…

A blood type

Being recognized as the world second genetic blood type. The human races no more live in the cavern, in fact, they had started to cultivate and developed the agriculture industry.

A more sensitive and vegetable/fruits tolerant digestive system had been slowly evolved in this period. This type of blood has stronger antibody system as well.

Those peoples with A blood type are typically more suitable as a vegetarian, too much of meat consuming will lead to the tumors/cancers. They are recommended to consume at least 5-6 servings of fruits everyday for their own good.

Those foods that good for A blood type peoples:

Meat types: No typical type for it.

Vegetables: all types of vegetable (almost 95%); such as chives, carrots, celery, radish, asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom, shallot, watercress, beet, green pepper, red pepper, chili, coriander, cucumber, green bean, pea, lettuce.

Fruits: all type of fruits, such as fig, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, black dates, almond, cherry, plum, cashew.

Beverages: ginseng tea, wheat grass tea, aloe vera tea, green tea, hot lemon juice, carrot juice, watermelon juice, red grape wine, chive juice.

Those foods that need to be avoided by A blood type peoples:

Meat types: almost all type of meats, especially raw meats (sushi), bacon, ham, hotdogs etc. Still, it’s ok for you to consume the fish’s meat.

Vegetables: olive, tomato, potato, yam, eggplant.

Fruits: banana, coconut, honey-dew melon, mango, papaya, orange.

Beverages: orange juice, papaya juice, tomato juice, beer, red tea, all types of coca-cola, soda.

Note: Stay tuned for the Part 3…

The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Two)

What is the connection in between the foods and blood types?

Do you know that the blood types evolved with the fission/rapid changes of genetic, since our great grand ancestors existing million years ago?

The genetic codes playing the important role in our daily dietary, as its will greatly influent our healthy condition, if we intake the wrong foods that doesn’t matched with our blood types.

Blood type also determine as:

1. The secret key indicator of your body chemistry,
2. The ways your digestion system absorb food’s nutrients,
3. The susceptibility/tolerance to the different kinds of illness,
4. The ways your body/mental handles with stress!

Let’s cut the long story short and here we go now…

O blood type
This is the human race first genetic blood type. The most primitive human or also known as “Cavemen”, usually live in cavern and their mostly hunted animals or fishes for main meals.

Although those peoples with this type of blood is a genetically natural meat eater, but they still need to do exercises regularly and consumes suitable amount of vegetable/fruits. If you followed the above steps, the risk of being stroke will be decreased.

Those foods that good for O blood type peoples:

Meat types: beef, mutton, deer, animal’s heart, animal’s liver (geese liver or in French, ‘Foie Gras’)

Vegetables: escarole, onion, chives, spinach, pumpkin, celery, seaweed (kelp), red pepper, ficus tikaua, romaine.

Fruits: plum, fig, black dates.

Beverages: peppermint/spearmint tea, dandelion tea, pineapple juice, blackcurrant juice, black dates juice, Sarsi.

Those foods that need to be avoided by O blood type peoples:

Meat types: pork, bacon, ham.

Vegetables: cabbage, white broccoli, sweet corn, mustard, potato, eggplant, long napa.

Fruits: coconut, honey-dew melon, orange, banana, blackberry, lychee, avocado.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, apple juice, cauliflower juice, orange juice, coffee, soda.

Note: To be continued…Part 2

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