Taking Medicines with Milk is not a Wise Idea!

Ok, I knew some people have this weird concept. They thought it’s good to take medicines with milk!

According to the latest analysis, if a person takes medicine with milk, it significantly reduces the body absorption rate of medicine, maybe up to 50 percent or more!

Believe it or not, some medicines will turn into poison, if you takes it with milk! Thus, it’s better for you not to drink any milk products while you’re taking the medicines.

Take my advice and you’ll be fined… :)


Dawn Wilson said...


I have discussed this with a doctor and was told that it's okay to take some medicines with milk. But there are some you definitely should not take with milk. As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to ask the doctor first. If you can't get an answer, err on the side of caution and take medicine with a full glass of water. Some people do not take medicines properly; they only swallow it down with a sip of water. Big mistake. It is always best to swallow it down with a FULL glass of water to ensure it will go all the way down faster. Hope this helps. :)

curcuma said...

Nice informative post. Many people takes medicines with milk due to high dose.
Thanks for sharing useful advise.

raynopss said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the information, it makes the problem clearer, especially for those who have allergy to the dairy products.

The tips certainly help us what to do, when we're having the medicine, Dawn!

San Diego Homes said...

I have always wondered about taking milk with your meds as the more you know about pasteurized milk the more you don't want to take it at all.

I have developed a lactose intolerant issue like millions of others in the world. I think that is a hint from above to steer clear of milk and most other dairy products.

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