A Smoke after a Meal is ‘Good’ For Your Health!

Honestly, some of my friends love to smoke, especially after a heavy meal. They said it could help them to relax their mind!

I didn’t mean to scare you here, but I heard some heavy smokers collapsed and comma, due to the bad habit of smoking after meal!

For your information, you’re risking your life, especially when you smoke after a meal. Here are the problems that might happen, if you’re smoking after a meal:

1. It's one of the main causes for gastritis,
2. It enhances and accelerates the happening of pancreatic cancer,
3. It might cause direct injury to the stomach and duodenum, the even worse it can turn into stomach and duodenum cancers.
4. pH imbalance,
5. Gastrointestinal function disorder might be occurred.

Let’s take a few minutes, sit down and think about the consequences of smoking. If you do care about your loved ones, you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

PS: Picture's credit goes to Stevesuttie.


Umzug said...

No doubt,smoking is not good,but I think all of these after smoke after heavy meal complications happen after overeating mainly.

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