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Stop it Now - Anxiety or Panic Attack Will Make Your Life Miserable!

As a human being, we have to face all kind of challenge and risk every single day. In this process, we learned that those person that failed to accomplish the mission, is going to be teased and labeled as “losers”.

In able to stand out from the “loser group”, we all will give what we have and try our best to complete the assigned task. You probably didn’t noticed, that the stress starting to accumulate day after day.

The stress just like a time bomb and it will definitely explode anytime in the future. Do you know, that the advanced stages for those peoples that over stressed will be turned into the anxiety/panic attacks?

Doctor had diagnosed one of my friends, Sally that currently undergoes her Psychology PhD course, with the anxiety and panic attack. What has been happened to her? Well, I’d asked her about this matter, and this is what she told me…

“This anxiety starts to haunt me since 3 months ago. I have become hard to focus or think about something. When I get stressed out, both of my hands will start to shake like those Parkinson’s patients, and this really freaks me off ” At this moment, I noticed that Sally’s both hands started to shake again.

“You need to calm down, Sally. Is nothing to be worry about”. I knew is better for me to stop the conversation…

According to the doctor that treats Sally, anxiety/panic attacks patient need to relax more and thinking less as much as they can. In addition to situation, medicine control also seen as one of the best alternative stress medicine as well.

For controlling anxiety/panic attacks from getting worst, Sally now consume the medicine that has been approved and certified by FDA named Clarocet. This Clarocet is a biologically-based complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which means can be use as a dietary supplement.

Sally told me that after few months of treatment and the supplement of the alternative anxiety herb medicine, her condition becoming more stable than before. I’m also glad for her, and wish her can fully recover from this anxiety/panic attacks as soon as possible.

May God bless you, Sally…

Note: Photo Credits to HypnoProgress.

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