The Proper Ways to Prevent the Dysmenorrhea!

First of all, for those that didn’t know what Dysmenorrhea is, it refers to a medical condition and it caused by severe uterine pain during menstruation.

Some of the common symptoms of Dysmenorrhea are:

• Throbbing,
• Dull,
• Nausea,
• Burning, and
• Shooting pain.

Don’t underestimate this Dysmenorrhea, as it can be a very painful situation and causing a condition known as menorrhagia (Excessive heavy blood loss).

For those that suffering with Dysmenorrhea, you have to change your eating habits and stick with the good diet. Remember that 3-5 days before pre-menstrual, the diet should be easily digestible.

When the menstrual is about to coming again, you should avoid these following foods:

1. Hot peppers,
2. Chilies,
3. Raw onions,
4. Raw garlic and
5. All the junk foods!

During your pre-menstrual period, you can have some light foods, such as sauerkraut or pickles, where it can ease the pain. Or, you may also drink some wine to prevent the pain that caused by dysmenorrheal!

PS: Picture thanks to demosschiropractic.


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