The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Two)

What is the connection in between the foods and blood types?

Do you know that the blood types evolved with the fission/rapid changes of genetic, since our great grand ancestors existing million years ago?

The genetic codes playing the important role in our daily dietary, as its will greatly influent our healthy condition, if we intake the wrong foods that doesn’t matched with our blood types.

Blood type also determine as:

1. The secret key indicator of your body chemistry,
2. The ways your digestion system absorb food’s nutrients,
3. The susceptibility/tolerance to the different kinds of illness,
4. The ways your body/mental handles with stress!

Let’s cut the long story short and here we go now…

O blood type
This is the human race first genetic blood type. The most primitive human or also known as “Cavemen”, usually live in cavern and their mostly hunted animals or fishes for main meals.

Although those peoples with this type of blood is a genetically natural meat eater, but they still need to do exercises regularly and consumes suitable amount of vegetable/fruits. If you followed the above steps, the risk of being stroke will be decreased.

Those foods that good for O blood type peoples:

Meat types: beef, mutton, deer, animal’s heart, animal’s liver (geese liver or in French, ‘Foie Gras’)

Vegetables: escarole, onion, chives, spinach, pumpkin, celery, seaweed (kelp), red pepper, ficus tikaua, romaine.

Fruits: plum, fig, black dates.

Beverages: peppermint/spearmint tea, dandelion tea, pineapple juice, blackcurrant juice, black dates juice, Sarsi.

Those foods that need to be avoided by O blood type peoples:

Meat types: pork, bacon, ham.

Vegetables: cabbage, white broccoli, sweet corn, mustard, potato, eggplant, long napa.

Fruits: coconut, honey-dew melon, orange, banana, blackberry, lychee, avocado.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, apple juice, cauliflower juice, orange juice, coffee, soda.

Note: To be continued…Part 2


Lydia said...

Hm.. I am a blood type "O" and a vegetarian..

raynopss said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for stopping by...

TO be honest, this is just a simple guide and you're always have the right to choose your own eating habits :)

By the way, I'm also have many vegetarian friends as well :)

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