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You Are Going To Be the Next Top Dentist, Damien!

“Wilson, you’re supposed to come to my dental clinic two days ago, have you already forgotten about the annual oral check?” Well, guys. You must be wondered what’s going on here…

The above conversation is from one of my friends, Damien who we used to grow up together in the same neighborhood and going to the same local school. Honestly, Damien is a very friendly and big-hearted person, where he loved to help those people that in troubles.

He’s already has the ambition to become a dentist when he grown up. In order to turn his dream into a reality, he had tried his best to get the higher scores in the SAT and he has been accepted into the University of Washington Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science Program in the age of 19! During the university period, he has showing a tremendous performance and finishes his study with 3.99 GPA score.

After three years of probation in the local hospital, Damien decided to start up his very first dental clinic a year ago in my hometown. He done a wise decision and I was happily for him. However, he started to have some problems, where he spent over $200,000 for the clinic’s renovation, decoration, high technology dental surgery equipment etc.

Therefore, he was a having a financial shortage and don’t know what to do about it! As a best friend of him, I tried my best to help him out from the trouble by recommended him to seek for the dental wholesaler that supply a cheaper and more affordable dental supplies and more durable manual endodontic supplies. Damien took my suggestion and this has helped him to overcome the financial problem!

Damien, with your kind-hearted and humble attitude, I’m sure that you’re going to be the next top dentist in our town. Just keep up the good work and never loss your passion on your job!

PS: Damien, I promised you that I will never skipped the oral check again!

Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth Even After You Ate Fruits!

Some people have the habits, where they love to eat fruits after their main meal. They even thought that the fruits could be used as the mouthwash that keeps their mouth refreshing!

In fact, the fruits contain more fructose acid and if you left it inside your mouth for a period, the fermentation process will turn the fructose acid into a corrosive acid and it will hurt the teeth and gums!

Do mind about your oral health, and no matter what you’ve eaten, you still have to brush your teeth or mouthwash it!

How Can I know Whether I Have Bad Breath or Not?

Do you have the experiences, when you’re talking with your family, friends or colleagues, they seems to always complaint you have the bad breath problem? Yeah, I’m known you’re frustrated with this matter and would like to know the ways to test it out yourself?

This is a very simple bad breath test, but it will be a little bit disgust. Firstly, you’ll need to find a two-ply tissue paper and then spat your saliva onto the tissue. Then, you have to wait the saliva dry out and smell with your nose. If you smell something really bad or stingy, then you’re eligible to be enrolled into “bad breath brotherhood” (Well, don’t be shamed about it, as I’m also one of them).

Don’t be too upset about this fact, as you still can do something to eliminate this bad breath here and there are:

  1. Brush your teeth after meals (I mean every meal here)
  2. Always floss your teeth and keeps the gums free from particles
  3. You are advised to avoid the very hot drinks.
  4. Don’t smoking or reduce the smoking rate.
  5. Chew some sugarless chewing gum frequently.
  6. Use the traditional herbs for the bad breath treatment, such as the Acacia Arabica and Sandalwood have been proved to eliminate the bad breath.

Last but not the least, you must also drink acquaintance water during the day, as those people that drinking less water will also having the bad breath as well!

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