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Sharing The Joy Of Posting At Forum

I am feeling glad today…

Why? It is because I am discovered another new forum that mostly related with the health topics (Finally found a forum that matched my blog niche and type, Yippie…Lol) and all of the members seem also acquire lots of natural medicine knowledge.

Well, to be honest. When I’m saw this alternative medicine forum for the very first time, I’m doubted of it, didn’t know whether this forum will same like others (You know, those forum that claimed they are expertise in certain profession, instead all of them are crap)

For overcome the riddle inside of my mind, I have registered as a member at this forum and started to post as well. Seem this forum is over my expectation, as most of the members that gathering here are among the expert or professional in the health related field (Gosh, I can’t even believe it but this is a fact)

Moreover, those forum members also friendly and will be able to help whenever you need it the most. The forum didn’t even have really strict rules, as long as you didn’t try to post crap, scam, political and religious related topics on it, then you should be fined.

This forum separate into three main parts:

1) Medicine Science consists of:
  • General discussion,
  • Nutrition,
  • Mind and Health,
  • Dentistry,
  • Vision,
  • Cardiology,
  • Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS, and
  • Links.
2) Disease portion including:
  • Cancer,
  • Diabetes,
  • Prostate, and
  • Other Diseases.
3) Community Last but not the least:
  • Chitchat,
  • Forum Support,
  • Introduction, and
  • Humor.
If you the type of person that have a deep interests in the health related topics, or you the one that currently involve yourself in the health profession, then this forum definitely one of the best natural medicine forum that you cannot even miss for…

PS: Don’t forget to drop me a PM, if you already registered as this member forum and my username is “Wilhb81” ;)

Good day and live well.

Beware Of These Paypal Phising Emails!!!

Arghh, I'm really frustrated on the last few days...

Why? Did you know that I've received over five Paypal Phishing emails in my mailbox during the last few days...

This kind of incident did annoyed me very much, as I haven't received such a large amount of Phishing emails in a short period.

Already reported this matter to paypal authority, let's see what action they will take to punish these Paypal Pranksters (Maybe a spanking will make them behave like a good boys/girls...)

I Love You Mama

Today is mother's day, a day that we all should cherish and spend our times with our mother.

Happy Mother's day to all of the beloved mothers around the worlds...

For those of the WAH moms, you all the top amongst the best, remember to keep it up your strength and never loose the passion inside yours heart.

Finally, I'm love you, mama :)

Enjoy this video clip from "Spice Girls - mama"...

Million Thanks to Globallyrational

First of all, I'm need to say a million times of thank you to Globallyrational for the extremely awesome and outstanding header banner design.

Hope with my new header banner and cute RSS icon (Anyone love the smurf here?)of my blog, there will be more loyal readers that flock to my blog and subscribe in near future...

All the best,

Mind Your Car Plates

Car number plate is the necessary thing for a car. It is also a main icon for a car. Most of the peoples will have their first glance at your cars number plates first, rather than other parts of the car.

The personalised number plate will be important to ensure your cars has registered legally under the National Transportation Department. There are many illegal activities that involving cars smuggling across worldwide, so this registration process is a must and credential.

Be a good citizen and report those cars that did not have a proper car number plates to the authority if you seen it.

Solution For This Google Verification Matter

Guys, I've noticed some of the blogger members did encountered this matter "Your google adsense account need verification, blahblahblah..." in their blogger dashboard.

For those of you that haven't got the solution to get rid of this problem, you can try this following steps below:

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. When you at your blogger dashboard, you will see the "adsense" word at your right sidebar, click on it.
3. The click will send you to you google adsense account directly.
4. At your google adsense account, find the "my accoun"t tab and click it.
5. Then, you will see the "Account Access" link at my account column. Shoot your mouse on it.
6. After it, there is a word 'Grant Access" at the blogger for the host section, don't hesitate anymore just select it.
7. After about 24 hours, this notice will be automatically disappeared from your eyesight.

Hope this small little tips will relief your guys anxiety...

7 Easy Steps to add the Blogengage EVB button to Blogspot

Hi to all beloved raeders...

For your all information, Blogengage site owner, Brian only created the HTML code for the WP plugin External Voted Button. But, how about those that using the blogspot users? Did you guys facing any problem when you adding the WP code into your blogspot HTML layout?

Well, I'm also having the difficulty when I'm first adding the WP into my blogspot, but after two times of HTML modification, I'm finally figured out the ways to add the code perfectly into it...

If you don't mind, you can follow my steps here:

1. Login to your blogger account (No matter you a old version or beta version user, I bluffing...LOl)

2. After login to the dashboard, click on the "Layout" link.

3. Then, when you at the layout page, click the "Edit HTML" link.

4. Now, you should be arrived at the "Edit Template" page, don't forget to tick the "Expand Widget Templates" at your right hand side.

5. This is the main point, so pay attention here. After ticking the "Expand widget Templates", you need to find this in the HTML code: div class='post-body'
(Try to press CTRL+F button together and input this code inside it, this will make the whole "hide and seek" game becoming more simple...)

6.Ok, if you found the above code, congrats to you. But, is not ended yet. You need to put this below code, before the div class='post-body':
Code: Select all (Note: I cannot post the Code here, if you want to find the code, please click on the link, thank you!)

7. Have you done it? Ok, after you added all of the code, you are almost done...Wait, did you forget about something? You haven't click the "Save Template" button yet. Click it now before is too late...LOl

Finally, you have done yourself a big project here...Please give yourself a big applause because you deserve it ;)

Have fun.

Have You Add The Privacy Policy Yet?

Attention to all of the visitors/readers that visit my blog here...

For all of you that place the google adsense at your site, or you one of the Google ads publisher, please do take note that google will need their publisher to enclose a privacy policy in their blog/website...

For those of them that failed to do this before 25th May, they will be permanently disabled from their publisher account forever...

So, you better prepare it first before the "Google ads rainstorm" is going to hit on you.

For those that didn't know how to do the privacy policy, you can follow my steps here:

1. We need to create a new entry post, that containing all of your privacy policy.
2. Try to back date your entry using the Post option as well.
3. Also, don't forget to create a text link to that post and place it on your blog's main page.

PS: thanks to the Apol the Great's for this reminder :)

For those of you that didn't do it yet, you can use my privacy policy to make a reference. But, if you want to use mine, be sure to ask of my permission first.

Thank you and good day.

No Perfection In This World

Why everyone try to search for perfection, as there are no such thing in this world...

Human being try their best to achieve high and higher living level everyday, but have they ever wonder, that all of these will make them become more stressful and even more burden?

Well, watch on the below Video Clip and try to analyze what kind of Lesson you can get from it.

PS: Also feel free to leave comments for the thought of this Video Clip.

Happy Birthday, Wilson...

Today is my 27th Birthday, but I feel so sad because I need to work overtime as well...

That's mean I cannot celebrate my birthday with my friends and family members.

Never mind, I'm still have a wish and it would be ---> I wish that I can work less and earn more on internet this year...LOl

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 To All

One more day, will be come to one of the world largest traditional festival, Chinese New Year, which been celebrate by over 1.5 billion of peoples worldwide...

This year is a Golden Rat year( Is it mean this year a big year for Mickey Mouse as well? ) I'm just want to sieh all of the peoples in the world: Happy Golden Rat Year 2008, may prosperity come to your life...

Good day :)

Fact for "No Pain No Gain"

Different occupations have different definition for the "No Pain No Gain" meaning...

Doctor: If you are too afraid of the pain from the needle, then you gain nothing but continue to be illness...

X-Gamers: If you are too afraid of the pain causing by accidents, then you gain nothing but become a totally loser...

Millioaires: If you are too afraid of the pain of losing money, then you gain nothing but become a failure in your life...

Happy New Year 2008

Hooray... The year 2008 have finally arrived and most of the peoples of the world have been celebrated it will all kind of events...

Well, I didn't go to the new year countdown party as usual this year, but rather gather with my friends to have a small but cozy countdown party at my friend's house.

The party start around 8.00pm and when we arrived there, we began to set up the BBQ fire. After about half an hour, we start our new year BBQ party. Although just eight peoples at that party, but we still grill a lot of food ( I need to mentioned here, all of the food that we grill is vegetable types, such as maize, tapioca, yam, marshmallow and others, with some fried noodles and fresh organic fruits as well... )

We really enjoyed the party and the party last until 2.00 a.m. I'm hope in this new year, may all of the good things come to all of my blog site readers & subscribers.

God bless you all...

Farewell, Year 2007...

Looking back the whole year 2007, it's been a very fantastic and meaningful year to me...

First of all, I've involved in the World Vision Program and been went to Cambodia & Laos. At these two countries, I've been a volunteer teacher for four months ( two months at Cambodia and another two months at Laos ) Although these two countries still categorized in the poor & less develop countries, but the peoples of these two countries is really friendly & helpful enough.

After that, I've been back to my country on early June 2007. I'm continued my article writing job & suddenly one of my friend, Derrick called & suggested me : "Wilson, why don't you open a blog site about health & environment, as blogging is a trend for now..." Hmm..., I'm considered what Derrick have told me & after 2 weeks of planning, I've launched my first blog site ---> Wilhb81's Fun Place...

It's not an easy work to make my blog site, from Zero to over 10,000 page views by now & I'm still work pretty hard to improve my blog till now. But, seeming that my blog popularity have been grew a lot in the last half year, I'm feel that all of my hard efforts was not wasted...

Ok, the year 2007 will be end in less than 30 hours from now & I want to take this opportunity to wish all of the reader ---> A very happy New Year 2008, may all your wish come true...:)

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