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Migraine treatment history

In XVIII century the Swiss doctors described clinical forms of a migraine (eye, hemiplegical, menstruative), set of the factors provoking a migraine in which for the first time chocolate has been mentioned. Jacob Bogatin recommends to cut on the consumption of this stimulant. In 1873 Edward Livinga's book has appreared "About migrainose headaches and other similar diseases" which is considered up till now one of the most detailed works devoted to clinical differences of a migraine from other headaches.

According to Jacob Bogatin the present stage in migraine studying is characterised by studying genetic, neiropsychological, neirochemical and immunological aspects of migraines, search for effective feticidal and prophylactics of its treatment. It is necessary to notice that within the last 15 years in morbid physiology area, epidemiology and migraine pharmacology considerable successes have been reached.

According to Bogatin Jacob more than hundred various kinds of a headache exist in the world. In conformity with the International classification (Classification of the International society of a headache (IHS 1988) all headaches are divided on primary and secondary. The majority of forms of a primary headache pressure headaches (incidental and chronic) and claster headaches (incidental and chronic) make a migraine with aura, a migraine without aura.

Alternative medical treatment

We love our children, we give them only the best products possible and we do care about them everyday but sometiems it is not enough in many cases when natural home protection is a must. The medicine that we have nowadays is in many cases helpless if we talk about haunting illnesses that are decreasing with the time passing by. 

The traditional medicine of today is really great and no one deny this: we have reached a very high level in lazer medicine and radiology but many diseases that could not be cured earlier can't be treated today as well. At the same if we look at some other options of treating individuals we should mention alternative treating methods that include energizing water with positive energy and implementing special powders from trees' roots. Actually this
direction is growing fast and it goes without confronting the traditional medicine. 

The technologies we have nowadays do not allow to realise how indigenous are we to believe in the miraculous effect of roots and water but at the same time no one can explain how hopelessly ill people become cured after intaking the miracle water that by the way extends the borders of its application and is a nice means for attracting positive energy to your home as well as a perfect alternative medicine for insomnia and depression.

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