The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Four)

First of all, thanks for following this thread from the very beginning to the last.

I’m really appreciated for all of your supports, without you guys my blog is totally nothing…

Ok, let’s continue the last but not the least blood type, the AB blood type.

AB Blood Type

This is a very unique blood type, which it combined the two different blood types (A and B) and become a new AB blood type. Those peoples with AB blood type can, either enjoy eating vegetarian like A blood type, or they also can choose to consume the meats/seafood like B blood type.

There always the pros and cons for one matter. The AB blood type peoples also have to learn the effective relaxation methods and this for prevent the emotional illness happens to them.

In addition to the emotional illness matter, AB blood type person also has a weaker immune system than other blood types. For this solution, they need to consume many vegetables/fruits for strengthen their immunity.

Those foods that good for B blood type peoples:

Meat types: mutton, rabbit meat, turkey.

Vegetables: cabbage, cucumber, tapioca, seaweed, eggplant, yam, mushroom.

Fruits: cherry, fig, plum, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple (the best digestant for AB blood type).

Beverages: ginseng tea, Murdock tea, dandelion tea, hot lemon tea, grape juice, papaya juice.

Those foods that need to be avoided by B blood type peoples:

Meat types: chicken, duck, goose, bacon, ham (All type of poultry).

Vegetables: corn, carrot, black olive, bean sprout, artichoke.

Fruits: guava, banana, orange, coconut, starfruit, mango.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, orange juice, red tea, coca-cola, diet coke, ice cream soda.

Note: Wait, there still an extra part five for it, you’re better watch out…


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