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No More Wet Benches After Rain

When the raining season arrive, all of the benches in the gardens or parks will always in a wet condition. This will decrease the visitors will to sit on a wet and cold benches (Will you sit on it?)

Well, for overcome this problem, the Korean young inventor sung woo park have designed a brilliant "The Rolling Bench".

So, how do this Rolling Bench function? Easy, all you have to do, is turning the handle to expose the dry part of the bench. Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam...Now we have the dry part that was untouched by the rain and we all can sit comfortably regardless the wet part.

You don't want to sit on it? Never mind, you still can turning the handle to expose the dry part, so the next person or couple can sit on it. Isn't this will make the communication among the peoples becoming even more closer?

I'm Just love this invention, then how about you guys?

Enjoy Your Shower Without Hassle

Thanks to the Anne Ripaud & Armel Le Coz, the designer and inventor for the new eco-friendly and sophisticated "The shower wood concept".

This main ingredients for this shower are glass, inox and wood. This shower is 100% eco-friendly product, where it can be easily separated and recycled whenever you want. Also, a carbon free as well...

If you the kind of person that love to invite large number of friends or colleagues to your house, whether you organizing a reunion party or casual party, you can easily set this shower up in a couple of minutes.

This product have been released in the market and you can find it at the furniture showcase or your nearest furniture shops.

Futuristic Aion Kitchen

Ever wonder to combine the two different thing: plants and kitchen into one magnificent and environment friendly green gadget? Fagor Brandt group have designed a green concept kitchen named "The Aion kitchen".

What so special about this kitchen? Well, this is the revolutionary, multi functional where combined the electromechanical and vegetable technology into the brand new "Aion Kitchen".

How does this kitchen work? As you can see in the below picture, that specialized plants (those plants were developed and certified by the aerospace industry, mainly for the filtering and cleaning water, air and also radical particles as well.)

We can cook the food at the left hand side of the "Aion Kitchen"...

After finished cooking and enjoyed the meal, all we have to do is put all of the dirty dishes into the sink and then close the kitchen appliance. After we closed the kitchen appliance, the natural soap produced from the vegetables will be used to wash the dishes.

I'm can only expressed one word for this new concept "Aion kitchen" - unbelievable...

Environment Friendly Oxygen and Enrgy Procuder - Air Tree

Today, I've saw a really interesting news article related with environment science field...

This article is about a new concept, where to combine the tree/plants together with Solar Energy. The breakthrough design come from the Spain's environment science architecture company, Ecosistema Urbano and they named this great urban structure as 'Air Tree'.

This "Air Tree" is build from the recycled materials and also a 100% energy self-sufficient. The roof is full with photovoltaic cells, it assumed that it will produces substantial amount of Solar Energy. All of the solar energy will be sold to the local electric companies and the all of the profits will be reused for the structure maintenance fee.

Another specialty for this 'Air Tree' is this four storey building filled up with green plants, that make it turned into a big photosynthesis field. When the plants starting the photosynthesis process, this structure will release a large number of Oxygen and will refreshing the surrounding area. Furthermore, this will help to reduce the heat island effect found in most city centers.

When the summer is coming through, 'Air Tree' also can become a tourism 'hot-spot', where many of the peoples will come here to enjoy the 'cool down' moment...

PS: Nearly forgot to tell you all, that this cool structure also have the 'swings' and benches facilities at the building base ground as well...

This kind of 'Air Tree' structure will be arrived at every big city of the world soon...

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