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Cheap Medicines Didn’t Mean Useless!

People always said, “You got what you paid for!” If you’re paying less, then the goods are far less quality than those expensive stuffs!

Well, in this case, I have to say that the price of medicines is not totally related with the quality, but it depends on the:

1. Difficulty of collecting raw materials,
2. Ease of production technology,
3. The production size,
4. Scope and packaging.

In this case, the level of medicine efficacy and the quality cannot draw an equal sign at all. The most important thing of purchasing medicines is you don’t need to buy brandy types, but the type that can really work for you here!

The Hair Care Tips 4: The Speed of Hair Growth is Not Related With the Frequency of The Hair Cut!

Most of the people will have this thought that the more you’re cut your hair, then the more likely it grows faster than before! Hehe, if you also one of those having this theory, then you should read the below statement…

The truth is the speed of hair growth having no relation with the external factors! For your information, the hair needs an intensive care like any other organs. Thus, if you want your hair to grow longer and healthier than anyone else does, then don’t forget to consume those foods that rich in Vitamin H!

Ok, you must be wondered, “Vitamin H? What is this stuff? I never heard it at my entire life!” Well, Vitamin H, also known as Biotin or B7, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin. The U.S. diet recommended us to intake at least 30-40 mcg of Vitamin H per day!

Those foods that rich with Vitamin H are:

  • Milk
  • Liver
  • Egg Yolk
  • Peanuts
  • Oatmeal

If you want to keep your hair healthy or like to promote the growth of hair, then the above foods will be your daily dietary!

Note: By the way, Vitamin H also good for your bones and fingernails as well!

The Hair Care Tips 3: Your Hair Also Need Some Hair Massage As Well!

Do you love to do massage? Well, if you’re only focused on the arms and legs each time in the massage, then you should consider giving your head a massage as well!

The professional massagers found out that the proper massage on your head would help to reduce the hair loss problem! If you’re doing a hair massage everyday, it will improve the hair blood circulation and thus the hair will become healthier.

So, next time if you’re going for a massage, don’t forget to tell the massager to do a massage on your head as well!

The Hair Care Tips 2: Don’t Dye Your Hair Too Frequently!

Some people love to have different hair dyes and they think it’s a really cool and stylish trend! Well, believe it or not, if you dye your hair too frequently, then you’ll have the chance of having the brain or cerebrum cancer in the end!

Yep, this is not a joke, as the US medical centre has been discovered that the chemical substance inside the hair colorants can be the main causes of the cancer matter!

If you want to stay healthy and would like to have a longer lifespan, then please leave this hair dyeing habit, as it will only ruins your health, rather than making you glamour!

Remember, you’re the one that making the decision for your own life!

The Hair Care Tips 1: Blowing Your Hair with Hairdryer Won’t Hurt Your Hair!

If you thought that the hairdryer would cause the damage to your hair, well then you should think again!

Do you know that the hair is very fragile when it is in the wet condition? This also mean, it is more likely to fall off, if you rubbing your wet hair with the towel!

For the above matter, you should first use the ultra absorbent towel and wrapped it on your head to absorb the moisture away. After about 10-15 minutes, you then can use the hairdryer to blow your hair. However, you must remember to move the hairdryer all around your head and keep the distance 10cm or above between your hair!

Also, remember to control the hairdryer using time and you should use it no more than 5 minutes!

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