Do Mind About The Temperature of Your Cooking Oil!

Hello to all my beloved readers, it is nice to see you again.

Did you still remember that a few days ago, I’ve been discussed about the benefits of using the olive oil? Well, for today, we will continue the topic and we will talk about “things you can and can’t do” when you’re using the cooking oil.

We’ve been told that it is good to cook by using cooking oil rather than the butter, however did you know that even some of the cooking oil cannot be reheated or overheated? The overheated oils will turn into a dangerous trans fats, and this trans fats has been known as the biggest threats and causes for the cardiovascular and heart related diseases.

Hold on a second, I kwew you’re asking here, “How can we determine, whether the cooking oil is overheated or not?” Well, there is a few simple ways to define the temperature of the cooking oil (Please keep the thermometer away, as we don’t even need it at this moment).

Do remember these two following important tips:

1. Never reheat your cooking oil for over several time, and
2. Never let the cooking oil becoming so hot until they start to smoke.

If you follows the above tips and apply it into your daily cooking, then it should be fine.

Also, you’re better using the vegetable oils than the animal oils, as these veggie oils are rich in polyunsaturated fat, where it’s a whole lot more easy for us to absorb.


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