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Brave To Face The Aging

As a human being, we must face that since the first day we were born, we will be also rest in peace in someday as well.

The only matter is, are you afraid of the aging problem? Ok, let’s have a look at the below questions to test you out:

1. When somebody talking about aging, you will be:

  1. runaway
  2. join the discussion
  3. changed the topic
  4. None of the above

2. When somebody talking about died, what is your reaction?

  1. terrific
  2. accepted it peacefully
  3. changed the topic
  4. No any reaction

3. When somebody talking about senior citizens, you first respond is:

  1. boring
  2. interesting topic
  3. Didn’t even care about it
  4. No respond

Ok, if you’re the person that chose all (b) for the above questions, then congratulation you really being very positive about your life. For those that chose mostly (a) or (c), you must be really depressed at this moment, and for those that chose (d), is you having some troubles in your daily life or you just been ignored by others?

No matter what you people chose, you still need to realize, that everyone will get old one day. So, why we just accept the fact and faced it like hero/heroin?

One of my online friends, Ilchi Lee has created a motivational book named “In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging”. This book is good for those that want to make them younger, starting from the inner part (Mental). He told me “When someone feels younger inside their mind, their outer part body will also receiving some neuron messages from the brain. After that, the skins and muscles of our body will starting to rejuvenate and make us look even younger compare to those at the same ages.”

Moreover, Ilchi also provided a bizarre “Young Brain Quiz”. If you dare to take to quiz, then go ahead to see, whether you categorized in the “very healthy” group or in this “neglect everything that matters” in your life!

Still do not convinced about the test you have taken above? Then, watch this “8 Weeks to Become A Younger You” Video Course. This video will explain it further, how to have a greater, healthier and happier lifestyle in the future…

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