The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Three)

Today, we are going to reveal the secret mask of another blood type

Please do pay attention here, if you’re the person with ‘B’ blood type.

B Blood Type

It had been known as the Earth third genetic blood type. Most of the B blood type peoples are majority the nomads, which change their living place frequently from time to time.

Therefore, this blood type had been adapted into a more tolerant and powerful digestive system than O and A blood types can be.

Another interesting fact about this B blood type person is they is the only blood type, which able to digest the dairy products and benefits from it totally! That is why; the B blood type peoples should use this advantage to get more nutrients from the dairy products.

Those foods that good for B blood type peoples:

Meat types: mutton, deer meat, rabbit meat (It can help you reduces the tiredness and increase your immunity, if you consumes several times in a week).

Vegetables: Chives, green pepper, red pepper, tapioca, yam, eggplant, mushroom.

Fruits: banana, papaya, pineapple, plum.

Beverages: ginseng tea, liquorices tea, peppermint tea, all kinds of fruit juices (except the tomato juice).

Those foods that need to be avoided by B blood type peoples:

Meat types: The B blood type peoples are advise to avoid consuming too much of poultry. They will have the high risk of getting stroke, if they consume the chicken meats occasionally in their daily life!

Vegetables: tomato (Causes upset in your stomach), corn, olive, bean sprout, artichoke, pumpkin.

Fruits: avocado, coconut, persimmon, guava, star fruit.

Beverages: aloe vera tea, tomato juice, soda, all carbonated drinks.

Note: Wait for the last part…Part 4


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