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Hypnotherapy Might Be the Effective Cure for Your Personal Illness!

We all living in the century, where everything seems to change in the speed of light and sometimes, you didn't even have time to stop and having a break on it! According to the previous surveys by American Psychological Association, 9 out of 10 people have different levels of stress, while 50% of the nine people will have the chance turning into anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, or phobias, if they didn't seeking the proper treatment on time!

Most of the time, people were scared to seek any treatment from the psychologists, as they're properly think only the psycho or crazy person will look for the help. Well, we cannot blame them since it's the common sense of general population!

Matthew, a best friend of mine, is used to being one of the patients that having the anxiety problem due to the pressure of excessive workloads. The even worse thing was he tried to cover his anxiety by smoking! Since then, he had being trapped in the middle of the anxiety and heavy smoking matters, he was even committing to suicide as well!

His family thinks that he needs to get over this dilemma as soon as possible, so they have advised him to going for the Clinical Hypnotherapy for anxiety and Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. After about nine months of continuously treatment, Matthew is fully recovered from the anxiety and heavy smoking habit!

Well, I'm very glad that Matthew managed to gain back his normal life, and he'd told me that he would appreciate his life more than ever. He also said that the clinical hypnosis is his ultimate savor!

History and Facts of Conversational Hypnosis

How well do you know about this word, "Hypnosis"? Well, believe it or not, when most of the peoples heard about this Spooky word, they will though that this is a black magic or supernatural power, that use for cheating or hurting other innocent peoples (Maybe this is the deep influence of the Hypnosis related movies by past, where most of the Hypnotists are a villains…)

As your acknowledgement, Hypnosis is one of the oldest traditional psychology therapy methods in the world. According to the history, the ancient Egypt’s Royal family has used this method to treat stress related illness. Those Hypnotists have a very high reputation in the ancient Egypt; because they claimed themselves have the super power to cure the peoples through hypnosis.

Hypnosis playing a very important role in the ancient Hindus, where there is a kind of “Sleep Temples”. The main purpose for “Sleep Temples” is to cure those diseases that cannot be cured by ancient doctors. Beside that, the archeologists also discovered an ancient book named ‘Law of Manu’ and this book is a sacred book for the ancient Hindus. This ancient ‘Law of Manu’ listed that there are three different levels of hypnosis, which are:

1. “Sleep-Waking" situation,
2. "Dream-Sleep" situation, and
3. "Ecstasy-Sleep" situation.

Looking back to the history of hypnosis, the first western scientists that involved in hypnosis was Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), an Austria physician. He started investigating an effect, which he called it "mesmerism" (this word still very popular until today).

The word “Hypnotism” or “Hypnosis” were first introduced by James Braid (1795-1860), a Scottish Surgeon that working in Manchester City. James Braid made a theory, when one person keep staring in a moving or static object for a period of time, the person will eventually step into the unconscious situation. Braid also stated out, that this kind of process is not a “Sleep” process, but rather between conscious and subconscious condition. This kind of discovery has titled James Braid as “Father of Modern Hypnotism".

Hypnosis have gained it’s recognize and popularity in this modern world. Some of the associations have been approved hypnosis as one of the alternative treatment. Those associations are:

  1. The British Medical Association Approval, 1955
  2. British Hypnotism Act of 1952
  3. American Medical Association Approval, 1958
  4. American Psychological Association Approval, 1960

Furthermore, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis's (ASCH) web site mentioned that, "Hypnosis is a spiritual state of inner absorption, subconscious concentration and focused attention."

Nowadays, hypnosis is widely been used, either as an additional helper for the psychologists, or also been used by a qualified hypnotherapist in curing the patient. A large portion of these qualified hypnotherapists can easily earn, up to five or six figure monthly income. Hypnotherapy has been widely been used as alternative treatments for:

  • Cessation of Smoking (have been found and reported really effective)
  • Weight loss (Same as cessation of smoking)
  • Dissociative disorders
  • Phobias
  • Habit change
  • Depression
  • Childhood trauma

So, what kind of hypnosis normally been used in the hypnotherapy? Well, most of the treatment cases showed that the Conversational Hypnosis has been proven the best hypnosis method so far.

You must be wondered, what is “Conversational Hypnosis”?

Watch this Incredible Conversational Hypnosis Video...

The World's Most Advanced Hypnosis Conversational Hypnosis - More free videos are here

“Conversational Hypnosis” or is also known as "sleight of mouth", is one of the intentional used hypnosis method, where is a series combination of selected words, questions, stories, body language, facial expressions and gestures. This method is hardly been tracked by the peoples, but it does have a very successful rate to communicate with one person’s subconscious mind without any noticing.

The final objective of this “Conversational Hypnosis” is to have the person reveal their inner problems, so that we can really know how to help him/her to overcome the problems…

Most of the peoples will said, “I would like to Learn Hypnosis, but is it require any supernatural or ESP power to master it?” I’m can tell you the truth here, that I’ve been learning and mastering the Conversational Hypnosis since I’m still in college (I’m remembered I’m still a teenager at this moment) to help my other college friends curing their inner illness, most of the time is about phobias.

OK, to be honest, it’s kind of frustrating for me, when I’m tried to learn Hypnosis for my very first time. But after a few times of practicing, I’m became more self confidence and can be easily approach myself, even to a stranger and persuade them to agree with my opinion. The best thing about Hypnosis is I can use it to cure other people’s inner problems and help them to step out from the long term trauma.

Another good manner about Hypnosis, I’ve been able to cure my father and brother insomnia problem, where both of them have been struggles for many years because of this insomnia problem.

If you one of the person that been facing any kind of stress related-illness for many o years, I think you should give this Conversational Hypnosis a try. As you see, even an “Average Joe” like me can learn and practice it very quickly, that’s mean you also can do it. You just need to have the faith on yourself.

For those that interested about this Conversational Hypnosis and would like to find more, you can have a peek at this “Hypnosis Downloads”, maybe you will find something interesting inside it.

Remember, “The person that can help you to overcome the inner illness problem is nobody, but YOURSELF!”.

Good day to all…

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