The Key of Healthy Lifestyle - Eat According to Your Blood Type (Part Five)

I’ve decided to add another new part five thread, and we will discuss about the foods that all blood types can benefit with…

Ta-da, below here is the foods, which suitable for all blood types:

  1. Green cauliflower (Good antioxidant)
  2. Mustard cabbage (heal the bruises)
  3. Olive oil (anti cancer and anti fat)
  4. Rose flower tea (strengthen your heart, but it is not suitable for those that having a serious constipation problem)
  5. Ginger tea (stop the vomiting, replenish your body’s natural moisture and also good for constipation as well)
  6. Green tea and grape (best energy supplier/rejuvenate method)
  7. Kiwi fruit and pineapple (prevent the constipation)
  8. Garlic (natural antibiotic)
  9. Trout and Sardine (enriched with nutrition)

That’s all, hopefully this health guide will benefits you all!


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