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Love Yourself and Quit Smoking Today!

Different types of people have different hobbies. Some people are enjoying the outdoor extreme sports, while others might enjoy themselves with the indoor games.

Although it sounds weird to you, but some sorts of people think that smoking can be considered as one of the “coolest hobbies” that they are ever had!

According to the latest United States’ cigarette smoking among adults in 2007 survey, an estimated 19.8% or about 43.4 million of U.S. adults were being recognized as current cigarette smokers and 77.8% (33.8 million) of the 43.4 million regular smokers are smoked every day! The more interesting fact here is 39.8% (13.4 million) of adult, which are mostly daily smokers had stopped smoking for at least one day or more because they really want to quit smoking!

If you think that smoking is the only way to show off yourself, then you might have chosen the wrong method! Do you know that smoking is the most costly and unprofitable hobby of all? Beside of wasting your money, you will have a higher chance of getting:

  • lung cancer,
  • heart attack,
  • high blood pressure,
  • chronic bronchitis and even
  • stroke!
Either it is for your own well or your family and friends; you should learn how to quit smoking as soon as possible. Remember one thing, as long as you have the willpower and faith to quit smoking, then nothing will ever stop you here!

Get your life back and say “NO” to cigarette…

Quit Smoking and Gaining Back a Healthier Lifestyle!

Did you know that 2 out of 10 United States citizens are smokers, and 60% of these smokers are considering as the “heavy smokers,” which means they will need to smoke at least a pack of 20’s cigarettes every day?

According to the 2007 Surgeon General’s Report, there are over 50 million American adults smoke cigarettes. In these 60 million smokers, almost 50% of them has at least tried once or even more to quit smoking! Furthermore, the report also shown that the tobacco smoking remains the NO.1 cause of preventable disease and death in the United States until today.

The recent data has shown that the smoking percentage has been drastically decreased since 1965, which over 44% of the United States citizens were smokers in this period! However, there are still over 21% of the adults that claimed as smokers in all across the United States (Note: this statistic hasn’t included those underage smokers!)

If you’re one of the people that addicted with smoking, but you have decided to quit smoking, then you may want to undergo the smoking cessation program, where it is the effective way to help you stop smoking backs any tobacco products.

Well, although quitting smoking is not an easy task, but as long as you have the willpower inside your mind, then you’ll overcome this addiction in one day!

So, don’t waste your time anymore! It’s time to start your smoking cessation by choosing the right quit smoking products today. Remember, “It’s better later than never quit smoking!”…

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