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A Happy Relationship is Worth For Million Dollars

Try to imagine, it is over billion of peoples around the world, the percentage in able to seek for the 'Mr. Right' or 'Mrs. Right' is pretty low.

Why some peoples fall in love for the first sight and can maintain their marriage until the end of their life?

And why some of the couples that have been engaged and loving for so many years, still need to divorce and even force their children to separate from their father/mother?

Most of the couples didn't know the main reason that leads to this kind of tragedy is 'Lack of Communication'. According to the experienced counselor, most of the couples will be have a really intimate relationship, in the first year to third years. After that, they will start to communicate less on each other. This problem will leads to the main percentage of divorce cases.

The couples will always wonder, "If this kind of problem did occurred to us, then what should we do to overcome it?" Well, mostly the couples will go and search for help from the counselor to overcome it. (Read this Therapy 101 - How to Make the Most of Therapy )

But, no every couple will go and tell their relationship problems to the counselor; even some of them though are it 'Not Necessarily' at all! As a human being, every one own the good and the bad habits, but most of the couples will only see the bad sides of them, that's why it will be causing many arguments, stress, trust issues and finally, break-ups will be the only solution for them.

Life is so short, why we need to argue to each other, instead of having a peaceful conservation? So, Read more great articles on therapy and relationships at Orange County Relationship Advice Daily to find out the best solution to overcome the relationship matter.

Remember, "The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved." So, if you have any inquiry, please click here to find more...

Good day. :)

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