A Smoke after a Meal is ‘Good’ For Your Health!

Honestly, some of my friends love to smoke, especially after a heavy meal. They said it could help them to relax their mind!

I didn’t mean to scare you here, but I heard some heavy smokers collapsed and comma, due to the bad habit of smoking after meal!

For your information, you’re risking your life, especially when you smoke after a meal. Here are the problems that might happen, if you’re smoking after a meal:

1. It's one of the main causes for gastritis,
2. It enhances and accelerates the happening of pancreatic cancer,
3. It might cause direct injury to the stomach and duodenum, the even worse it can turn into stomach and duodenum cancers.
4. pH imbalance,
5. Gastrointestinal function disorder might be occurred.

Let’s take a few minutes, sit down and think about the consequences of smoking. If you do care about your loved ones, you should quit smoking as soon as possible.

PS: Picture's credit goes to Stevesuttie.

You’re Better Take The Cholesterol-lowering Pills with Empty Stomach!

For those that having high cholesterol problem, you might be advised to intake the cholesterol-lowering pills. This type of pill is having good effect on lowering high cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Beside that, it also great for treating hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis related matters!

For avoiding the gastrointestinal adverse reactions, nausea or vomiting, most people prefer to take the cholesterol-lowering pills after meals. Well, they might doing the right thing here, but it’s better to take the pills before meals, as it can prevent you from unnecessary abdominal pain, diarrhea or any other adverse reactions!

You’re advised to take the cholesterol-lowering pills, either 3 – 4 hours after meal or 1-2 hour before meal! In this case, you won’t need to worry about any side effects might be happened on you.

You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Eat Too Much Eggs!

Eggs are rich in protein, minerals and a variety of vitamins. It can be one of the essential foods for the baby’s development. However, you’re advised not to include the eggs as the baby’s staple food.

For your information, most of the infants’ digestive system hasn’t fully develop. Hence, if the baby consuming too much of eggs will cause him/her having indigestion, vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, the protein in eggs can also become a burden on the baby’s kidneys as well!

Some nutritionists recommend that those babies that below one-year-old are best eating the egg’s yolk only, while for those one-year above babies can consume the whole egg!
Remember that you shouldn’t try to feed your baby with fried or raw eggs too!

You Should Hug Your Baby More Often!

Some of the people said that you shouldn’t hug your baby too much, as it’s not good for the child’s development.

However, some Pediatrics has some different thoughts about it. They discovered that hugging is good and essential for the baby, where it helps the baby’s brain to grow and develop faster.

Those babies that frequently being hugged are having better Emotional Quotient (EQ) than ordinary babies!

Hence, as a caring parent, you should hug your baby child more often. After all, it is good to both of you and your baby as well…

You Shouldn’t Feed Your Baby With The Foods That You’ve Been Chewing!

As a parent, you always thought that your baby child doesn’t able to chew the foods properly. Thus, you’ll chew the foods on behalf of your child and let them eat your chewing!

Honestly, instead of disgusting, it also a very unhealthy habit as well. Do you know that our mouth is full with dangerous bacteria and viruses? The baby’s digestion system won’t able to defeat some of the dangerous bacteria and viruses. As a result, they’ll be getting ill, thanks to our smart “feeding idea”!

If you’re worry that you child didn’t chew the foods accordingly, then you can chop the foods into slices or use a small teaspoon to feed your child.

One more thing, you’ve to let your child start to eat by himself/herself, after they’ve reached 18 months. By this way, it not only more hygiene but it also help to cultivate children’s ability to live independently!

You Are Supposed Not To Feed Your Baby with Yogurt!

One of my friends, Kammy told me that she loved to feed her 10 months old baby girl, Cassandra with yogurt, as she thinks it’s a healthy drink!

When I heard what she has said, I am shocked and advise her to stop immediately!

Although the yogurt can produce many useful antibiotics, and it’s good to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, but it also can destroy the body’s beneficial bacteria growing condition as well.

So, if you feed yogurt to your baby who under 3 years old, it probably can lead to several symptoms, such as vomiting and gangrenous enteritis.

It’s better to feed your baby with breast or formula milk than yogurt!

Why Preservative is Important in Food Processing Industry?

Living in the 21st century, where everything seems to move in an ultra fast speed, the fast foods have become one of the common trends in our daily life.

Most foods have at least one to two kinds of preservatives. Although it’s not too good for our health, but it do plays significant role in the food processing industry.

The main purpose of preservatives is to keep the foods/drinks fresh at a certain period of time. Normally, food additives are usually extracted from animals and plants as raw materials. It can be used to inhibit the processed foods, fruits and vegetables from being spoiled instantly!

Of course, preservatives are still having its harmful side-effects to our health. Thus, it’s your responsibility to buy those foods that less or free from preservatives at local shopping malls.

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