You Shouldn’t Feed Your Baby With The Foods That You’ve Been Chewing!

As a parent, you always thought that your baby child doesn’t able to chew the foods properly. Thus, you’ll chew the foods on behalf of your child and let them eat your chewing!

Honestly, instead of disgusting, it also a very unhealthy habit as well. Do you know that our mouth is full with dangerous bacteria and viruses? The baby’s digestion system won’t able to defeat some of the dangerous bacteria and viruses. As a result, they’ll be getting ill, thanks to our smart “feeding idea”!

If you’re worry that you child didn’t chew the foods accordingly, then you can chop the foods into slices or use a small teaspoon to feed your child.

One more thing, you’ve to let your child start to eat by himself/herself, after they’ve reached 18 months. By this way, it not only more hygiene but it also help to cultivate children’s ability to live independently!


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