Why Preservative is Important in Food Processing Industry?

Living in the 21st century, where everything seems to move in an ultra fast speed, the fast foods have become one of the common trends in our daily life.

Most foods have at least one to two kinds of preservatives. Although it’s not too good for our health, but it do plays significant role in the food processing industry.

The main purpose of preservatives is to keep the foods/drinks fresh at a certain period of time. Normally, food additives are usually extracted from animals and plants as raw materials. It can be used to inhibit the processed foods, fruits and vegetables from being spoiled instantly!

Of course, preservatives are still having its harmful side-effects to our health. Thus, it’s your responsibility to buy those foods that less or free from preservatives at local shopping malls.


Linda said...

Over here, there are more preservatives that are necessary. So, in buying food, we really have to read each and every product. Take your eye glasses just in case as the print is small too!

raynopss said...

Linda, based on your words, I bet you're a wise consumer, isn't it? Believe it or not, up to 65 percent of consumers didn't really read the goods' label!

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