You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Eat Too Much Eggs!

Eggs are rich in protein, minerals and a variety of vitamins. It can be one of the essential foods for the baby’s development. However, you’re advised not to include the eggs as the baby’s staple food.

For your information, most of the infants’ digestive system hasn’t fully develop. Hence, if the baby consuming too much of eggs will cause him/her having indigestion, vomiting or diarrhea. In addition, the protein in eggs can also become a burden on the baby’s kidneys as well!

Some nutritionists recommend that those babies that below one-year-old are best eating the egg’s yolk only, while for those one-year above babies can consume the whole egg!
Remember that you shouldn’t try to feed your baby with fried or raw eggs too!


Linda said...

I did not know that. Eggs have so many benefits.

raynopss said...

So, now you knew it, Linda! :)

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