You Are Supposed Not To Feed Your Baby with Yogurt!

One of my friends, Kammy told me that she loved to feed her 10 months old baby girl, Cassandra with yogurt, as she thinks it’s a healthy drink!

When I heard what she has said, I am shocked and advise her to stop immediately!

Although the yogurt can produce many useful antibiotics, and it’s good to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, but it also can destroy the body’s beneficial bacteria growing condition as well.

So, if you feed yogurt to your baby who under 3 years old, it probably can lead to several symptoms, such as vomiting and gangrenous enteritis.

It’s better to feed your baby with breast or formula milk than yogurt!


Linda said...

My guess is that yogurt destroys a young one's ability to build its immune system, right? I am not a real fan of yogurt anyway.

raynopss said...

Sort of, Linda. In this case, yogurt is definitely not for children under three years old!

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