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The Basic Rules You Should Know About Flu!

Do you know that the flu viruses have thousands of species? Thanks to our body antibodies, we have the adequate “weapons” to against over 95% of the flu viruses!

Here’s the fact of the flu. If you never expose yourself to the newest type of influenza virus, once you’re being infected by the influenza virus, your body will automatically produce the require antibodies to against the influenza virus. Which means, you won’t be infected by same types of virus in the future, or the chances of getting infected is very low…

Many people believe that flu can be transmitted through the air, and they’re right about it. Therefore, you should avoid with those who having flu, if you have a weaker immune system against flu.

The most important things to battle against flu is to drink plenty of water, do more exercises, eat more vegetables/fruits and having quality sleep hours!

Note: Picture thanks to eckee.

That Things We should concern about Bone Fracture!

Some people love to drink many beef bone soups, as they think it can prevent our bone become stronger and tougher. The truth is, it has nothing to do with it at all!

For your information, most people who suffering with bone fracture are also having these following symptoms as well:

• Low-grade fever,
• Thirsty,
• Nausea, and
• Mind mugging.

During this period, it’s better to have some light and easy digestible foods, such as vegetables and fruits. Remember to keep yourself away from all the sour, spicy and fried foods.

Once you’re recover from the bone fracture, you can eat whatever you want. You can do some light exercises, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Stop Your Ignorant Right Now!

Honestly, I’ve many Chinese friends who love to eat shark fins. They’ve a common thought that the shark fin is great as the anti-cancer food.

Let me tell you truth here: Most of the scientists from all around the world have been discovered that SHARKs can also having cancer as well! The American scientists found out that there are 40 kinds of cancers seriously affected the cartilaginous fishes, where 23 kinds of cancer being found from the sharks!

Therefore, you should stop eating the shark fins, as you’re not only wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars buying it, but you’re also having the chance of getting the cancer too!

Help protect the sharks and say “NO” to shark fins…

Propolis: The Hidden Fact That You Should Know!

I know most people love to drink or consume honeybee products. You might think that it has nothing harmful to your health. Well, you should read on this article and discover the truth about Propolis…

According to the studies, the researchers found that Propolis has these following features:

• Antibacterial,
• Anti mildew, and
• Anti-virus.

Hence, it kills or inhibit bacteria and viruses, including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Streptomyces, E. coli, Salmonella, Aspergillus niger, influenza virus and so on!

Furthermore, propolis also has been proven have pharmacological function, especially in lowering high blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, anti-radiation, anti-tumor etc.

Because propolis has pharmacological functions, it’s not a good idea to prescribe it daily! And, don’t even think about to take the propolis, if you’ve allergy with propolis.

Painkillers Might Be Unable To Stop The Stomachache!

Painkillers are categorized to antipyretic analgesics, which is great for healing fever, headache, toothache, neuralgia, joint pain and muscle pain. However, it has less or not effect at all on stomachache!

If you’re in pain with stomachache, you’re advised not to take the painkiller, as it not only won’t help to stop the ache, but it stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and might cause some side effects, such as acid reflux or chest pain!

For your information, stomachache is the inflammation of cholinergic nerve stimulation, which is resulting in a strong contraction of gastrointestinal smooth muscle. Painkillers are unable to stop this type of pain.

Next time, when you’re having stomachache, you can use a hot wet towel and massage it on your stomach clockwise for about 15 minutes. It can help you to reduce the pain within few minutes!

Only Take Coughing Medicine When Necessary!

Carrie, a friend of mine, who have a very strange disease named “Coughing Phobia”. She cannot withstand of anyone that cough in front of her, as she think they might want to pass the coughing viruses to her! (Poor Carrie, I hoped she would be able to recover from this type of phobia ASAP.)

Most people will immediately rush to the nearest pharmacy store, when they’re having coughing. Well, in this case, you have to know what the main cause of the cough is.

For your information, a cough is help to keep the respiratory system smooth and clean from bacteria. It also can prevent the respiratory system from being infected by any unexpected inflammation.

If bacteria don’t cause the cough, then you don’t have to take any medicine. One more thing, you’re better not to over dependent on the antibiotics, as it has no much effect, especially on the “Superbugs”!

Never Cover Your Baby Too Tightly!

Most of the mothers think that the newborn baby has a weaker body resistance; hence, they’ll probably cover the baby with thick blanket.

It supposed to be a very good intention, but do you know that most of the newborn babies are suffocated due to the thick blanket being covered over their faces?

According to the survey, there are over thousands of cases, where the babies were losing their life, thanks to the careless mother and the thick blankets!

Therefore, you should keep this on mind and never ever tried to be smart here, especially when you’re cannot afford to lose your baby child here…

Make Sure Your Children's Clothing Are Not Too Sexy!

Nowadays, most open-minded parents love to choose and buy some sexy clothes to their children. Although it is their own rights to do it, but you have to know there are several reasons why you shouldn’t do it!

First thing first, the child’s skin is very delicate and vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. Once their expose their skin too frequently, they might have the risk of getting sunburns, rashes, peeling, itching and other skin related symptoms.

Secondly, you should never let your child wearing those tight clothes, especially those clothes that have poor sweat-absorbent feature. If you intend to do it as well, then you’re putting them at the risk of getting heat stroke in summertime!

Lastly, if you give the child to wear too sexy clothes day after day, it will leave some impact to the child, where he/she might develop the “aesthetic consciousness” over the period of time.

To be honest, the children’s clothing should be elegant, comfortable and health-oriented. Remember not to overdo it those unnecessary stuffs, as children don’t need those hypocrite things, as some of the adults did!

Low Sugar Diet Can Really Prevent Diabetes?

Most people think that sugar is the main cause of leading to the diabetes. Well, to be honest, the main reason why a person can turn into a diabetic is the relatively lack of insulin. Once it happened, the person’s body is unable to decompose the sugar that he/she taking into the digestive system! The blood sugar level is going to rising and that’s the way how a person is determine as a diabetic.

However, it doesn’t mean that the diabetics are not allow to intake any foods at all, as they still need energy to do the daily task. After all, a severe low blood sugar might affect the brain’s function too!

Hence, the diabetics should intake more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, as these types of foods are great to the restoration of pancreas!

Lotions Are Not Too Good For Newborn Babies!

Most people love to apply the lotions on the baby’s face, as they think it makes the baby’s face becoming whiter and delicate. However, you’ve to careful about it, as it might causing germs to breed on the baby’s face!

Since the lotions are fully human artificial, it contains many chemical substances, where it’s harmful to the newborn babies. If you’re intense to apply it on the baby’s face, it might cause some serious scar formation or ulceration!

Thus, the best way is to use the clean water to clear away all those dust/particles on baby’s face. You can save the money for buying some nutrition foods to your baby.

Just Put Your Vegetables and Fruits Straight Into The Refrigerator!

You have bought a large amount of vegetables and fruits from the market, now you’re preparing to wash all the foods, before you’re putting it into the refrigerator?

Ok, you should better save up the water and leave the fruits/vegetables alone. For your information, most fruits/vegetables have a waxing layer, where is can prevent violations of bacteria. Most bacteria, especially those “superbugs” cannot be killed in low temperature and it easily becomes a suitable breeding ground for bacteria!

You might be able to remove the dirt and most bacteria, after you’ve washing the fruits/vegetables. However, the cleaning step might have damaged the fruits/vegetables’ wax surfaces. It can be opened up the door for the harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella sp. to inhabit on the foods!

As a result, you might have greater chance of being infected by numerous types of diseases, if you’re consuming the raw fruits/vegetables.

It’s Not a Wise Method To Cool down Yourself Immediately After Exercises!

In the red-hot summer, it’s nothing can be compared to dip ourselves in the cold water and having a icy cool drink. However, some experts said it is not the right way, where it supposed to be!

In the hot summer day, our skins pores are mostly situating in “open” status. The skin pores will close rapidly, if you bathing yourself with the cold water. The heat inside the body will be trapped and you’ll have a bigger chance having heatstroke!

To overcome this matter, you can have a nice hot bath, where the hot water helps enlarge the blood vessels and conduce more heat to be released from the body.

Beside that, a cup of hot green tea after bath is the best choice to reduce your daily stress as well!

Garlic is Totally Forbidden, if You Have…

Medical researchers have found that garlic is effective to prevent flu or cold (That’s why you can see many garlic pills on the market right now), but garlic is harmful to those people that have eye’s related diseases.

Believe it or not, if you’re a fanatic garlic lover and you simply cannot live without garlic in your daily life, then you have to prepare for the worse condition here: You might have eye’s related diseases, such as a blurred eye vision, cataract, presbyopic, tinnitus and much more.

So, for your own health, remember NOT to consume the garlic too frequently. Remember that “Everything is overdone is bad for us!”

For The Health's Sake, You Should Stop Eating the Hot Breads Fresh Out of the Oven!

To be honest, who will ever resist the hot breads that coming out straight for the oven? It tastes so delicious and irresistible…

I’m not going to spoil your mood here, but the truth is those breads that fresh out of the oven still haven’t finishing the fermentation process.

If you consume it immediately, then you’ll have the big consequences of having the Gastroenteritis. In this case, you should let the breads placed outside the oven for at least two hours, before you’re starting to eat it!

One more thing, for those that has the gastroenteritis, it’s wise not to intake too much of breads, as the breads containing many yeast, where it can lead to excessive gastric acid.

Note: Picture thanks to dfwhotbreads.

Eat Less Salted Products, Having a Longer Healthy Lifestyle!

If you love to eat those salted fishes, meats or pickles, then you should read on this article…

We cannot deny that salted products are very delicious, but did you know that the salted products are one of the main causes of Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

For your acknowledgement, majority of the salted foods have many Nitrosamines, where it’s a strong chemical substance that can cause cancer. If you consume it regularly, then you’ll have greater percentage analysis as the Nasopharyngeal Cancer’s patient!

So, it’s better not to consume this type of salted products often. Or, if you can, please stay away from it forever.

Don’t Add Too Much Sugar to Your Baby’s Milk!

Some babies having a weaker digestion. For this case, most of the doctors will give an advice to the parents to add some sugar inside the milk, as it helps the baby to digest the milk better.

However, you should mind about the quantity of sugar and never overdo it! If you adding too much of sugar, it will have a bad effect to the baby’s development phase.

Those babies that consuming too much of sugar will have weaker body resistance against diseases than ordinary babies. Furthermore, some other diseases, such as Myopia (nearsightedness) or Arteriosclerosis might happen on the baby, due to the overtaking of sugar!

Here’s a recommendation for the parents: You can add 5 to 6 grams of cane sugar to 100ml milk.

You Deserve a Million Dollar Smile!

Well, maybe you didn’t aware that smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. With a simple smile, it can ease other people tension or anxious, hence it can help you to build up a great relationship with your clients or strangers as well!

However, most people are too afraid to smile, as they didn’t have the dazzling and sparkling white teeth. Go figure, you’re meeting or dating a stranger for the very first time. Everything seems to be fined, until you’re smiling in front of him/her.
At this moment, he/she noticed that you have a stained yellowish teeth and full with plaques! Eww…, I bet that man/woman has probably wanted to throw out immediately, especially if you’re having lunch or dinner together!

Although many people said that, they didn’t care about the teeth’s condition, as long as you keep on smiling. Well, to be honest, they’re trying to deceive you here, as 80 percent of them do CARE about your smiling look!

The surveys show that a bright and healthy smile can help to boost up one person’s self-confidence up to 70 percent. Believe it or not, those people with discolored teeth are having less chance to get the desired job, compare with the people who have the million dollar sparkling smile!

If you’re having the yellowish teeth problem (This situation is very familiar amongst coffee addicts and smokers), then you should consider to get the professional teeth whitening and overcome the hassle as soon as possible.

You’re too afraid to go for an oral checkout? Well, in this case, the pearl white toothpaste might be able to help you! By continuously using the marvelous pearl white toothpaste, it purifies your stained teeth and turning it into pearl white teeth in months.

Remember that no matter who you are and where you from, you deserved a million dollar smile as anyone else!

Don’t Shake Your Baby Too Rapidly!

You’re being disturbed by the crying baby in the middle of night? You’re too sleepy to get deal with it and you just placed him/her in a baby rocking cradle. The fiercer the baby was crying, the faster you’re shaking the rocking cradle. It finally end with the baby fall to asleep again…

Ok, you might think this the right method to do so, but in fact; you’ve putting your baby in the risk! It’s because the baby’s brain wasn’t fully develop and if you’re shaking the cradle too rapidly, it will probably lead to a disease named “Minor brain concussion integrated disease”.

Some of the symptoms of the Minor brain concussion integrated disease are:

1. Cerebral concussion;
2. Intracranial hemorrhage;
3. Amblyopia
4. Permanent blindness;
5. Epilepsy;
6. Mental retardation;
7. Paralysis of limbs and severe cases;
8. Cerebral edema; and even
9. Death!

For the precaution, you must remember not to apply intense shaking to your baby, especially for those babies that less than 10 months!

The Dangerous about Swine Flu!

Maria, a friend of mine from Mexico City, has been very terrified, as she is afraid of being infected by the Swine Flu. For those that haven’t notice about this flu yet, it’s a influenza virus who almost similar with the “Avian influenza” and it can be contiguous among the swine (pigs).

Until now, there are over 149 cases have been reported in Mexico and the health authority worry that this statistic is going to steadily rising in the near future.

The even worse thing is Swine Flu has been claimed outbreak to other countries, including The U.S.A., Canada, Latin America, Europe and some Asian countries as well!

If you found out that you’re having some cold condition, you should heading to the doctor as soon as possible. And, it’s better to know more about the Swine Flu prevention, as the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”!

Don’t Force Your Baby Learn to Walk Too Early!

Some of the parents want their baby to walk as soon as possible, as they thought the baby will be much healthier if they can walk in the early stage.

According to the natural laws of physical development of children, babies are best learn to walk after 11 months. For your information, most of the babies before 11 months are having a much fragile bones. If you forcing the baby to walk so quickly, it will cause both of the baby’s legs Bending or deformation. This will leave a deep life impact, soon after the baby is grown up!

Therefore, it’s better to let the those babies that below 11 months to have much crawling time, as this will enable the baby to train their legs and up for the walking challenge in the future…

PS: Figure thanks to jagannathinfotech.

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