The Dangerous about Swine Flu!

Maria, a friend of mine from Mexico City, has been very terrified, as she is afraid of being infected by the Swine Flu. For those that haven’t notice about this flu yet, it’s a influenza virus who almost similar with the “Avian influenza” and it can be contiguous among the swine (pigs).

Until now, there are over 149 cases have been reported in Mexico and the health authority worry that this statistic is going to steadily rising in the near future.

The even worse thing is Swine Flu has been claimed outbreak to other countries, including The U.S.A., Canada, Latin America, Europe and some Asian countries as well!

If you found out that you’re having some cold condition, you should heading to the doctor as soon as possible. And, it’s better to know more about the Swine Flu prevention, as the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”!


Linda said...

My wish is that your friend stays safe.

raynopss said...

Thanks, Linda and I hoped the same for you as well! Take care and remember to wash your hand frequently!

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