Solution For This Google Verification Matter

Guys, I've noticed some of the blogger members did encountered this matter "Your google adsense account need verification, blahblahblah..." in their blogger dashboard.

For those of you that haven't got the solution to get rid of this problem, you can try this following steps below:

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. When you at your blogger dashboard, you will see the "adsense" word at your right sidebar, click on it.
3. The click will send you to you google adsense account directly.
4. At your google adsense account, find the "my accoun"t tab and click it.
5. Then, you will see the "Account Access" link at my account column. Shoot your mouse on it.
6. After it, there is a word 'Grant Access" at the blogger for the host section, don't hesitate anymore just select it.
7. After about 24 hours, this notice will be automatically disappeared from your eyesight.

Hope this small little tips will relief your guys anxiety...


Dyimz said...

I was just 5 minutes late in reading this post. The Adsense support team contacted me, and I saw the email verification message. In that message, I just did the same thing in this post.

Anyways, this would be a big help for other bloggers who are shocked too on that warning. =]

Dyimz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
raynopss said...

To dyimz: you're so smart to contact the adsense authority :)

About the link xchange, I will update the blogroll in near future, I will drop you a PM to let you know when I'm done it :)

Dyimz said...

@raynopps - Okies. Just put a comment on my latest post if you have added me, so I can add you too. Thanks! (^_^)

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