Cheap Medicines Didn’t Mean Useless!

People always said, “You got what you paid for!” If you’re paying less, then the goods are far less quality than those expensive stuffs!

Well, in this case, I have to say that the price of medicines is not totally related with the quality, but it depends on the:

1. Difficulty of collecting raw materials,
2. Ease of production technology,
3. The production size,
4. Scope and packaging.

In this case, the level of medicine efficacy and the quality cannot draw an equal sign at all. The most important thing of purchasing medicines is you don’t need to buy brandy types, but the type that can really work for you here!


Linda said...

generic medicines are just as good as the expensive medicines. Sometimes, the generics do not agree with the body and therefore, have to retreat to the original. But overall, they are just as good.

raynopss said...

Yeah, you absolutely have the point here, Linda. Not all brandy and expensive products are good!

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