The Hair Care Tips 2: Don’t Dye Your Hair Too Frequently!

Some people love to have different hair dyes and they think it’s a really cool and stylish trend! Well, believe it or not, if you dye your hair too frequently, then you’ll have the chance of having the brain or cerebrum cancer in the end!

Yep, this is not a joke, as the US medical centre has been discovered that the chemical substance inside the hair colorants can be the main causes of the cancer matter!

If you want to stay healthy and would like to have a longer lifespan, then please leave this hair dyeing habit, as it will only ruins your health, rather than making you glamour!

Remember, you’re the one that making the decision for your own life!


Joanna Young said...

Wilson, I have to confess that as a woman of a certain age I do now dye my hair to chase away the grey. I'm not sure it's a habit I can really bear to stop!

raynopss said...

Hi Joanna,

It's great to see you here, as this is the very first time you've commented on my blog :)

Well, honestly, it's better to reduce the hair dying frequency, Joanna for your own health condition!

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