Do Mind About The Way You Fall Off!

What’s your first reaction when you’re falling off onto the ground? Obviously, 90% of the people will use either their right or left palm to support themselves. You might think it’s the right thing to do it, but the truth is you’re having a higher percentage to injuring yourself!

For your information, in the couple of seconds when we’re falling, a chemical substance called “Adrenaline” will be produced from the adrenal gland. The responsibility of this hormone is for us to react with the suddenly happened dangerous situation, such as being chased by fierce dog, falling down from a high place and so on.

If you using the left or right palms to support all your body’s force, it will probably leading to a bone fracture!

Let’s take an example, when a football player has been tripping, he will mostly using his back of the shoulder to roll on the ground, the longer the better! This rolling process is to reduce the impact force.

Hence, you should learn the proper way and never use your palms to support your body’s force, once you’re falling down!


Linda said...

Good point! However, for me it depends on how I am falling. If I can grab onto something to break the fall, more power to me. But if I am just tripping on that imaginary thing in my way, I try to let my forearms take the brunt.

I am not a graceful person. :D

raynopss said...

Haha, I loved your attitude here, Linda. Do you know what I'm thinking now, I mostly have an uncomfortable feeling with those women that pretended to be a lady, as they're not meant to be at all!

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