Watermelon - Maybe This Fruit Not For You - Part 2

Alex: "Hurray...Thanks for buying this big and juicy watermelon, I'm can't even wait to put it inside the fridge..."

mom: "Wait, Alex! Don't put it in the fridge, why don't we just eat it now."

Alex: "No way, mom. I want to eat a icy cool watermelon, I want to put it no matter what you said."

mom: "My son, I'm doing this all for your own good..."

Alex: "Huh? Mom, are you trying to fool me around? I'm just want to enjoy a watermelon in cool and icing way, why you being so mean to me?" (Alex started to have tear in his eyes)

mom: "Alex, I'm knew that you love everything in cool condition. However, did you know? If you intake too many icy products, your tongue and teeth nervous system will be paralyzed. At the same time, consuming too much of icy cool watermelon will eventually decrease your digestion function, diarrhea or even ilium/colon cancer too!"

Alex: "Oh my god, are you just kidding me, mom?"

mom: "Nope, I'm telling you the fact and truth. Is OK for you to crunch a watermelon in icy cool condition once in a while, but not too often."

Alex: "Oh I see, don't worry. I will remember your advice, mom."

mom: "That's my boy."


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