Watermelon - Maybe This Fruit Not For You!

In the hot and dazzling summer season, a glass of ice lemon tea or a piece of watermelon is the most delightful moment of all.

However, did you know there are some kinds of the peoples that cannot enjoy the sweetness of watermelon?

There are five types of peoples that can't enjoy crunching the watermelon:

Diabetic Patient
When they consumed too much of watermelon, their blood sugar level will blasting off like rocket and may also causing a sudden faint or unconscious as well.

Peoples with digestion deficiency
Consuming too much of watermelon will lead to the diarrhea, loss of appetite or vomit condition.

Patient with kidney disorder diseases
Those watermelon liquid that contains in watermelon will become a great burden to the kidney. If the situation is too serious, then a fatal might be occurred.

If you mind about your health, even your family or friends as well, then try to remember the above restriction.

PS: Photo credits goes to howstuffworks.


Catherine said...

Would like to add that they are great for people who need water pills because of the high water content found in watermelons.

BioTecK said...

Yes, Watermelon is really delightful when it's a hot and sunny day! :D
But as a matter of fact, here in Holland it's not hot or sunny at this moment.. :p
So I'm waiting for a warm and sunny summer day to have a piece of watermelon! ;)

raynopss said...

To catherine: Yeah, I agreed with your thought here, the high water content in watermelons can be a very good ailment for those that need it the most.

bioteck: Hehe, hope you can enjoy the sweetness of watermelon in the summer day.

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