Use Both Animal and Vegetable Oils For a Healthier Life

We have generally thought that taking animals fat/oil in long term will causing artery coronary heart diseases and obesity. That's why, most of the peoples only consume vegetables oil for healthy purposes.

However, this isn't a true fact and let's me tell you the reason...

Animals oil/fat except fish oil, enriched with Saturated Fatty Acid (SFA). If we consumed too much of SFA, the SFA will transform into a blockage and causing the arteriosclerosis obliterans disease. In other hand, this component is an essential components that been known can effectively prevent the hypertension and transient ischemic attack as well.

If we just consumed the vegetables oil, the antioxidant inside the oil will rapidly emerge with our body's protein and turned into "Lipofuscin", which its a component will speed up the aging problem. Furthermore, the overdose of antioxidant in our body will increase the rate of having primary mediastinal tumor and colon cancer as well!

The correct and proper use of the animals and vegetables oil, would be in 10 (vegetables oil):7 (animals oil) fraction. Why? It is because animals oil contains Saturated Fatty Acid, while vegetables oil mainly consists of Unsaturated Fatty Acid. By this combination, we can almost prevent all kind of hearts, arteries and cancers related diseases...

So, make a change today for a healthier lifestyles. :)


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