Better Give Up Your Bad Habits

One of the well-known U.S. University has done a survey about the health condition of the China's high schools students. Those questions that asking in the survey is:

• sleeping mode (include the sleeping disorder or insomnia)
• smokers or non-smokers,
• drinking habits,
• personal attitude and emotion,
• daily life pressure and
• family issues.

The result of this survey indicated, the main reason for those teenagers that sleep less than 8 hours per day, always having nightmares or facing the sleeping disorder or insomnia problem, is it related with bad drinking habits and smoking addict.

The researchers also discovered that the one person sleeping quality, also will affected not only psychical and mental condition, but also their psychology and productivity as well.

The conclusion for the survey: if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, try to stay away from smoking and alcohol, as these two things will get your life become miserable.


BioTecK said...

I've smoked for a couple of years but I'm stopped for almost 2 years!

I drink alcohol every now and then, so I don't have a drinking problem! :D

Btw: I though that drinking alcohol (one or two glasses a week) was good for your body! :D

raynopss said...

Bioteck: good, mate is always not too late to quit your bad habits, and this all for your own good :)

PS: You also have the point about the alcohol matter, did you know that a 20ml-30ml of wine will be help you have a better sleep quality?

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