No More Wet Benches After Rain

When the raining season arrive, all of the benches in the gardens or parks will always in a wet condition. This will decrease the visitors will to sit on a wet and cold benches (Will you sit on it?)

Well, for overcome this problem, the Korean young inventor sung woo park have designed a brilliant "The Rolling Bench".

So, how do this Rolling Bench function? Easy, all you have to do, is turning the handle to expose the dry part of the bench. Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam...Now we have the dry part that was untouched by the rain and we all can sit comfortably regardless the wet part.

You don't want to sit on it? Never mind, you still can turning the handle to expose the dry part, so the next person or couple can sit on it. Isn't this will make the communication among the peoples becoming even more closer?

I'm Just love this invention, then how about you guys?


Stepterix said...

What a genius idea: ideas it is elegant and simple. Thanks for sharing. So good I dugg the post.


raynopss said...

Hi stepterix, isn't this a marvelous yet user friendly invention? I'm totally love the concept of this bench, hope this concept will be widespread to all around the world... said...

Great idea! Simple and effective!

raynopss said...

To Bioteck: Yeah, also stylish and sophisticated too, isn't it? :)

BioTecK said...

It sure is! That would be a great thing to use in Holland! Cause most of the time it rains here!
Ok.. not over the past week.. :p

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