Never Suffer With Diabetes Anymore

Did you know that diabetes always one of the top ten diseases killers in the high-income countries?

According to The American Medical News, diabetes occasionally ranks itself to the top ten United State diseases killers. Although diabetes can’t causing the patient sudden deaths like hearth related diseases, but is considered as one of the most suffering disease amongst others.

Once patients “engaged” themselves with diabetes, this will be means a long and ultimate war. Most of the diabetes patients will noticed, diabetes could constantly become worse with the past of time.

The diabetes patients will find themselves suffers from all kinds of other side diseases, such as:

  • High blood pressure,
  • Heart related diseases,
  • Kidney failure,
  • Stroke,
  • Vision disorder (permanent blind) and others.

Diabetes patients need to monitor their blood sugar level each day and this is necessary. However, the Blood glucose test strips can be a heavy burden for those middle-income families. For overcome this matter, many of the blood glucose test companies tried their best to produce a large number of test strips, to make them more affordable for the diabetes patients.

This blood glucose test strips would not perform their function without a good and durable Blood glucose meter. Therefore, some companies even give a free blood glucose meter with every purchase of any blood glucose test strips too.

Remember, an early prevention is definitely better than cures. So, try to limits your sugars intake levels in the starting today. Once you got diabetes, diabetes supplies is your only way to keep surviving.

A Healthier life without diabetes will be a merry blessing :)


BioTecK said...

Mm.. I got to tell this to my grandma!
She's suffering Diabetes for almost her entire life...

steve said...

I've learned that 70% of diabetics die of heart disease and that is an alarming thought. You're right, the best way is prevention. Probably when you got the hunch that your blood sugar levels are bunching up or worst diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, I think that dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary. I would also recommend the use of natural remedies as a means of prevention, I've heard about herbs such as the Gymnema Sylvestre and Goat's Rue or the homeopathic remedy chromium and how their natural compounds help regulate blood sugar levels without causing any side effects.

raynopss said...

bioteck: poor her, I'm bet her pretty suffer as well. :(

steve: The most scary thing about this diabetes is the side diseases, as you did said that 70% diabetics die of heart disease...

As you know, that the diabetes patients feeling thirsty all the time, there is a solution for them.

All they need to do, is pick a "Boxthorn fruit" and chew it, this method has proved can get rid of the thirst...

steve said...

I wonder Ray, what constituents in the Boxthorn fruit quenches diabetic thirst?

The Gymnema Sylvestre is purported to eliminate the cravings for sweet foods, now a thirst quencher is interesting.

raynopss said...

TO steve: Yeah, it true. For your acknowledgment, the betaine that contain in a boxthorn fruits will act as a thirst quencher, because the pituitary will send an information to regulate the osmotic stress and made the patient feel no even thirsty anymore...

Thus, by chewing a tiny boxthorn fruit, the diabetes patient can prevent themselves drinking too much of water.

If you have family/friends that suffers from diabetes, try to advice them to consume this boxthorn fruits as it makes no harm but benefit the users :)


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