5 Superb Ways to Prolong Your Life Span

You’re too busy to maintain a healthy daily routine? Yeah, it’s always a good excuse, but please remember one important thing here… Your health is your wealth! Without a proper healthy body and mind, don’t even think of chasing the wheel of fortune, as you don’t even have the require strength to do so!

Below here are the 8 simple yet effective ways to help you keep your health and mind in good shape:

Method No.1
Protein is Your Best Buddy for Your Breakfast
Why? Our brains need lots of protein, especially during the morning time. Hence, it’s always good to add 10~15 grams of protein (Two egg whites might be barely enough) into your breakfast’s list!

Method No.2
An Hour of Walk A Day, Makes You Feel Energetic All Day
Most people like to sleep until the last hour and wake up doing everything in a rush mode. Frankly, it’s better to wake up, maybe an hour earlier and have a nice walk, either around your house or the nearest parks. This is not only good for your health, but also helps refresh your mind as well.

Method No.3
Water is The Main Key of Healthiness 
It’s advisable that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. However, there’s also some “Best moment” to drink water. When? Well, you should drink a glass of water, 15 minutes before your meals. Why? Since you've drunk a glass of water before your meal, and you’re feeling a little bit full now. In this case, your hunger is not as strong as before.

Method No.4
A Stretch Out After Your Meals
Don’t just sit in front of your computer, once you've finished your meal. Go and do some stretch out, as it soothes your muscle stiffness and soreness. By performing some easy stretch out, it helps you to burn a few calories, reduce stress and enhance your focus on daily tasks!

Method No.5
Have Some Good Quality Moment
If your life is only fill with lots of unfinished workload, then I’d to say, “You’re very pathetic!” Seriously, our life is not only about work, but also need to have some good quality moment with family and friends. Don’t give yourself too much excuses, and try to squeeze out at least a few hours every weekend. Do whatever you want and feeling good with your loved ones!

That’s all from me, wish you all have a healthy lifestyle…



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