The Correct Ways to Deal with Nosebleeds

Try to imagine, you’re having your breakfast and reading the daily newspaper. Suddenly, there’s a red-in-color droplets falling to the newspaper and you’re starting to panic… (I used to have this situation thrice in my life!)

Honestly, most of the nosebleeds can be easily treated at home.

However, you have to calm down yourself first. Then, go find a chair, sit down gently and lean slightly forward. Remember to keep your head above your heart, as it will reduce your nosebleeds.

Then, lean forward and let the blood drain out of your nose. Never try to lean back, as you might have the possibility to swallow the blood. Don’t underestimate this situation, where it can causes nausea or vomiting!

You should use your thumb and index finger to squeeze together the sort portion of your nose. Keep this position for at least 5 to 10 minutes. The nosebleeds should be stopped in less than 10 minutes.

Note: If the nosebleeds didn’t stop after 10 minutes, you’ve to heading to the closest clinic or hospital and getting some treatment.


Linda said...

Good advice ! I have to tell ya that swallowing blood is not pleasant.

raynopss said...

Linda, I hoped you've learned something from this article. Remember to apply this method in the near future to those who are having nosebleed.

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