The Best Way to Avoid the Cross-spread of Germs!

Do you know that the babies’ tooth decays probably didn’t cause by the sweet foods, but maybe from the mother herself?

You might be wondering, “What the hell am I talking about?” Well, I know that most of the mother love to test the temperature of the foods, before they feed their babies!

For your information, the bacteria inside the mother’s oral will be transmitting to the spoon. When the baby is being fed with the spoon, then baby is having a higher chance of getting tooth decay!

So, as a smart mother, you should use two different spoons: One for testing the food’s temperature, while the other one is for feeding your child!


Linda said...

Passing germs between mother and baby is natural but decaying teeth is a new one for me....

raynopss said...

Honestly, Linda. I only knew this fact about a week ago, when I read an article in the local newspaper. I also as shocked as you did, when I discovered the truth!

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