You Should Stop to Breastfeed Your Baby On the Right Time!

Most of the surveys and researches have proofed that mother’s milk is the best nutrient for the newborn baby. However, for those 10 months old babies, the mother’s breast milk cannot be longer meet their nutritional requirements.

As the mother, you should reduce the frequency of breastfeed your child when they’re about 8 months old, and totally stop the action around 10 months old.

Remember that the weaning process is necessary and you should do it in the appropriate time and place.

Note: Picture credits goes to irishhealth.


Linda said...

AFter 10 months, most women are more than ready to wean the baby! :)

raynopss said...

You're so right, Linda. However, there's still a small portion of them that didn't do it even after 12 months!

Abbey said...

My baby will be ten months old next week. She is definitely drinking less milk now, but is not ready to stop completely. While 10 months might be a good number to use as a reference, I think it is important to note that there is no "magic number" that works for everyone.

Also, even if the baby doesn't need milk nutritionally, occasional breastfeeding can be beneficial for babies older than 10 months in other ways, too.

raynopss said...

Abbey, don't get me wrong here, as I didn't try to pretend an expert for the baby nursery. I studied and collected the related information from my friends newborn babies during the last 5 years, and this is what I got as a result...

It can be a guide or reference for the parents who have no knowledge about the baby nursery. However, it would be differ from one baby to another!

Thanks for the provoking comment, Abbey and don't forget to tell me while your baby is turning one-year-old. :)

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