To Write or Not To Write?

Hey guys, wow the time’s past through like the speed of lightning. It’s already March now… The spring is approaching by slowly and it’s on the corner right now, how about yours?

Ok, back to the topic. Although this is my second time I participated in Joanna Young’s group writing project, (I’ve done it before last year) but I still overexcited with it, as I didn’t have too much of chance to take part in group writing project (Maybe I’m just an Average Joe that can’t grab much attention from other people?! lol).

Talking about Writing Lessons, many of you here might probably have attended those writing lessons before, either in elementary school, junior high, senior high or college/university and so on…

Honestly, I’ve participated over twenty of writing lessons. I found some of them were very good, while the others were quite boring (Can you ever imagine the writing coach with hypnotize speaking voice? Yeah, it sounds like he/she going to put the sleeping spell on you!). Don’t misunderstand with it, as I’m still have big interest on writing, regardless about the small incidents on above…

Most of my readers said that I’ve done a great work with this blog (Thanks for all the continuing support, without yours my blog is nothing!). Some of them have given me some suggestions, such as changing the header banner (Well, I’ll think about it), change the blog’s template and even change up my mind (Sorry, in this case, I can’t do it! lol).

Let me telling the truth. After years of blogging and writing, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons from the community and there are:

1. Courage to speak out the truth;
2. Confidence to write the useful articles; and
3. Commitment to give the best to the readers!

If you always keeping the above 3Cs on your mind, then you’ll be able to become a fantastic writer in someday for sure. Remember the old saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration!”

My friends always asked me, “Wilson, what’s your secret that keeps you writing on and on?” I’ll probably say, “Well, guess what! I’ve no secret at all and I only doing the thing I loved to do! ”

Therefore, either “to write or not to write” is mostly up to you here, my friends…

Until then, Good luck with your writing!


Joanna Young said...

I love your 3Cs Wilson, and thank you so much for sharing these lessons. Now I'll be able to pass them on to all of my readers as well as yours :-)

Linda said...

writing can be hard especially if you have writers block. However, if writing is your passion, you get to tell the world all about your subjects, passion and/or fun stuff. Good post!

raynopss said...

Joanna, I'm very delighted that you want to share my blogpost with other readers. I hope it will be able to give some inspiration to the readers.

Linda, Yeah it's all about passion and determination. Without these two things, I pretty sure that writing would be as boring as watching paint dry?!

Thanks for the visiting, Joanna and Linda.

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