Useful Tips for Pregnancy Women Part 1: Careful with What You’re About to Eat Here!

Most of the pregnancy women will get very excited when they found out that they’re pregnant for the very first time…

Yep, you’re supposed to be happy with it, as it’s great and joyful news after all. However, do you know that there is over 15.8% of pregnancy women having miscarriage and it’s mostly their very first pregnant!

As a result, it’s your own responsibility to take a good care of yourself and your baby inside your uterus. I knew that many pregnant women were suddenly changed their eating habits during their pregnancy and it’s a common scene.

However, no matter how big the changes were, remember not to eat the raw foods! Most of us already shocked with all those diseases, which are causing by consuming the food in raw, such as raw tomatoes might contain the salmonella sp. That will lead to typhoid fever, diarrhea and food poisoning or even fatigue! What is going to happen to your and your baby, if you mistaken this foods?

For ensure the safety, you have to cook the foods accordingly and never ever tried to consume the raw foods. If you insist to eat it, then take it with your on risk!


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