Healthy Vacuum Cleaners Will Give Your A Healthier Life!

Are you and allergy or asthma sufferer? Are you concerned about the air quality in your home or Indoor Air Pollution. Many people find it, not only desirable, but necessary to take steps to keep the air clean in their homes. Many people use those HEPA filtration units we've all heard so much about. Other use a high quality filter in the air conditioner, which basically turns the central air conditioning system into a giant filtration unit.

But, What about the vacuum cleaner. Dirt, dust, pet dander, and allergens build up in the carpet very quickly. If you sit for a minute and think about all the things your family and guests are bringing in on their shoes, and distributing on your carpet, you may realize that your carpet just may be the filthiest are in your home. If you use a standard vacuum cleaner, you're actually pulling all these contaminants out of the carpet and redistributing into the air you breath.
The right vacuum cleaner can and will prevent this.

There are several vacuum cleaners which use various means to keep the air clean. Dyson vacuums are specially designed with pet owners and allergy sufferers in mind. Dyson uses their own patented Root Cyclone technology to insure full suction power even as the dust bin fills. This helps to insure that all areas are just as clean as the others. In addition, Dyson uses HEPA filtration to remove 99.9% of dust and microscopic allergens through the exhaust. Dyson even took it a step further by designing a hands-free dust bin, so you can easily dump the dirt without having to dig it out and thus redistributing the dust back into the air.

There are several other vacuums which use HEPA filtration, but what consumers need to know is that these filters require that the vacuum have powerful suction and exhaust in order for the filter to work properly. If you're not willing to spend the $500+ on a Dyson, be sure to get a vacuum that has powerful motor and great suction. Hoover is another vacuum cleaner which uses HEPA filtration and is highly rated by consumers for powerful carpet cleaning.

If you simply must stick with a cheaper model, there is an alternative. Manufacturers have developed high quality vacuum filtration bags for just about every vacuum cleaner on the market. This filter bags do actually work and they are very affordable. The Filtrete line of filter bags are actually rated to clean the air just as well as a HEPA filter and may even work better, and will save you from having to buy a new vacuum. Whatever your situation, take to time to look at your options. If you want to reduce indoor air pollution, allergies, and to just breath cleaner air, there is a solution out there that fits your needs.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Lillie and I come from Sweden. I was touched about the story of the vacuum cleaner! Please contact me at
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raynopss said...

Hi Lillie, thanks for dropping by and I'm glad that you loved the vacuum cleaner story...

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