Never Allows the Hair Loss Become a Burden for Your Life

Hair Loss (alopecia) problem seems to be a normal phenomena and biggest threat to most of the peoples in nowadays world. According to the latest survey from the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), there is more than 48% United State’s general population that facing the hair loss matter, and over 70% of the population is in between age 20-40! This might be sounds shocking to you, but in fact, this is the common situation in United State right now.

Do you know that hair is playing an important role, which helping us to transmit sensory information besides of the gender identification for both men and women? For your information, there are more than five million hair follicles on your body, which include the one million hairs on your head. Our scalp density is reduced according to the growing phases, from childhood to adulthood. The hair grows rate is averagely about 0.3 to 0.4 mm per day.

There are many causes for the hair loss problem. Therefore, the hair loss types will be slightly different in between men and women as well. Below here are the lists for the types and causes of hair loss:

Main causes for Men’s hair loss problem:

1. Androgenetic alopecia (This is the most common form of hair loss in men, which over 70% of the patients were seriously frustrated by this matter)
2. Telogen Effluvium
3. Alopecia Areata (A rare type of hair loss problem, it’s only happened to two out of hundred peoples or equivalent to 2%)
4. Cicatricial alopecia

While the common types for Women hair loss problems are:

1. Andogenetic Alopecia
2. Telogen Effluvium
3. Anagen Effluvium
4. Traction alopecia

Believed it or not, sometimes even your children will having the hair loss problem, which sounds ridiculous to you here. The experts discovered that the hair loss in children is more prevalent issues than peoples can even imagine. The four types of hair loss problem that normally happens to the children are:

1. Tinea capitis (It is known as the ringworm of the scalp and it is the most common infection of children’s hair loss matter)
2. Alopecia Areata
3. Trauma (Trichotillomania or the habits of plucking the hair will cause a permanent trauma to the hair loss)
4. Telogen effluvium

Matthew Swatz, my best friend who used to has the hair loss problem in the pass. He had been diagnosed for the Androgenetic alopecia since 2 years ago. Before the diagnosis, he is a very energetic, outgoing, and sporting person, which loves all kind of outdoor activities.

After the hair loss problem starting to appear in Matthew’s life, he has rapidly changed into a different person. He locked himself in the home and didn’t even want to meet anyone else than himself for almost a year (Poor Matthew…).

However, god still loves Matthew. One day, he received a call from his best friend, Susan (Susan was Matthew’s ex-girlfriend) and they’ve hours of chat. In the conversation, Susan told him that she was also having a bad hair loss problem once, but she managed to get rid off it. Matthew asked her what type of treatment she had used to overcome this horrible nightmare. Susan replied him, it’s just a simple and hassle free hair transplant method, which has no side effect at all! Susan have had advised Matthew to take this hair transplant treatment.

Matthew decided to take Susan’s advice and go to the hair transplant clinic that recommended by Susan. Matthew met Dr. Shapiro, the clinic owner and had about an hour of free consultant. After two times of easy hair transplant, this only took him totally six hours of time, Matthew finally solved his hair loss problem, which already haunted him for over a year. He gained the confident back, he even starting to date with new girlfriend and both of them already engaged as well(Matthew, don’t forget to send me the wedding invitation card, OK?)

Matthew did tell me, that the whole hair transplant process was painless. He also very satisfied with the hair transplant cost too. He told me that all he wants to do now is to enjoy the life, and building a happily ever after family with his fiancée!


Duane said...

Anything that helps a person to regain their hair and their self confidence is a good thing but transplants should be one of the last options. There are many natural supplements and solutions such as Provillus and emu oil which could have dramatic benefits with little expense. Failing that, there are always new commercial treatments such as DS Labs Spectral DNC which combines Minoxidil and vitamin A among other ingredients to achieve success. Just my 2 cents 8-)

raynopss said...

To Duane: Thanks for dropping by and the comment.

Well, I agreed with your opinion here, Duane. We should try the natural solutions first instead of the hair transplant.

However, My friend did tried numerous types of natural methods, before he had made his final decision with the hair transplant.

At least, this solution finally set him free from the depression and sorrow forever...

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