The Art of Water Drinking

Most of us love to drink a lot of water after our meal. We thought by this way, it will help and fasten the digestion in our stomach.

If you also have the same thought, then you deserve to have this "BEEP" for wrong sound (Man, this kind of feeling made me thinking about the game

Plenty of water after your meal not only will decrease the digestion of food in your stomach, but its also will become a main causes of "Heartburn" as well!

According to the survey, most of the heartburn patients will instantly feel the heartburn effect, once they drink water after their meal. That's why, if you didn't want this Heartburn disease become a "closer friend" with you, then you need to change the habit.

Some of the experts advised those heartburn patients, only drinks water after two to three hours, and they must drink about 100ml to 150 ml each time. By this way, it can efficiently reduce the heartburn side effect.

Beside that, there are still some useful suggestions:

  • When you having your meal - is better or completely do not drink water.
  • After consuming fruits and vegetables - Only drink water after half an hour.
  • After consuming carbohydrate products - Drink water after one to two hours.
  • After consuming high protein products - It is better to drink water after two hours.

You cannot resists the lemonade and want to drink it right away? Then, you better drink it 45 minutes before your main meal. This to ensure your digestion system won't stirred up with the icy and tasty lemonade, yum yum...

PS: Photo "Glass of Water" credits thanks to compassionate-news.


BioTecK said...

Some great tips!! :D
Thnx a lot!! :D

raynopss said...

To bioteck: You're welcome, my friend. Just want to share what I knew and hopefully, we all will have a healthy living style.

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