Pinhole Glasses - The Best Reason To Throw Your Prescription Glasses

“Specky, specky, dull specky…” This is what they teased me when I’m at elementary school. It’s really hurting my feeling, but what can I do, as I’m one of the lucky person that been awarded this “Myopia” since I was at grade 4.

For those that born on 80’s, you know that how ugly and hideous the spectacles was in that moment (Gosh, when I’m thinking it back, the Goosebumps starting to appear around my body) and try to imagine you need to wear it daily!

When I’m first diagnosed with this “Myopia”, it’s was totally a disaster to me. As you know, I’m the person that hated to wear glasses, but have no choice to put it on while let it be my “best friend”…

Yeah, for those that been through this situation, I’m bet how tough your life would be after you become a “Specky”. First thing first, your sight vision will drastically become blurring if you take off your glasses, even just for a minute. Secondly, you have to adapt yourself to transform into a stronger person (Nah, I didn’t talk about the physical instead of your mental) so you can get through all of the teasing in school/housing area. The last but not the least matter is you need to change your prescription glasses (I’m change mine once per year or once every two years) consequently.

Each time I went to my optician, he will informed me that my near-sightedness problem has became worst and need to change the increasing the power of my lenses (What I mean “worst” here is really worst indeed, as my lenses power increase 100 times each treatment!) immediately. That is why I’m hated and scared to go to the optic center, as this will make me even more torture than before…

Did you know? According to the latest survey, there over 100 million peoples in the United States wear prescription glasses, it’s about one out of three American citizen is wearing glasses/contact lens!

Furthermore, about 40 percent of surveyors thought peoples who wear glasses classified as smart and 39 percent think it is sophisticated and stylish. Almost half (49 percent) of the general population considered that wearing glasses as a fashion accessories!

Psst...If I tell you that I have an efficient method that can help you overcome the trouble of changing prescription glasses, do you want to try it?

This formula proven method known as pinhole glasses and this is not a new method, as it has been discovered two thousand and five hundred years ago (Yet, I’m not bluffing here, if you didn’t believe me you can go and check the history fact about “Pinhole-Glasses”)

No matter what type of eye disorder you facing like myopia, hyperopia, cataract, or astigmatism, these pinhole eyeglasses will be a great helper to restore your eye vision. You can easily use it; no matter you are readings, watching TV, or even working/staring at the computer’s monitor for a long period.

The special of pinhole glasses is it only allows direct and coherent light rays to pass through. Thus, up to 99.9 percent of the indirect rays will be filtered and didn’t even have a chance to get into your eye.

Feeling interested of pinhole glasses? Then, you had better grab this opportunity as they also give a best offer to all of the new customers.

Just a pair of pinhole glasses will ultimately change your lifestyle. Why? As you, never need to rush to your nearest optic center and ask for a vision checkup anymore. By the way, you can also bid farewell to your old prescription glasses as well.

Believe me; a change will make you a brand new person.

Good day.


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