Today is Our Mother Earth Day

April 22nd is our beloved mother earth day. We been witnessed the drastically climate changing since this few decades.

Moreover, the global warming issue-becoming one of the hottest topic that we all concern about…

We all do love this earth, as this is the only living place for all humankind (Don’t ever dare to think about travel outer spaces or back to the future here…)

You must said, “It is easier to be said than take action!” Well, I’m kindly agreed your opinion, but better ask yourself first, have you ever try to scarify your precious time to help contribute to green or environmental related events? If you didn’t, then just leave your negative and nonconstructive thought out of the door…

I’m knew that most of us will said, “I’m only a tiny and powerless citizen, how can I offer any help to save the mother earth?” Did you know, if tens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of peoples that having the same perception likes you, the earth already vanished and won’t exist anymore!

So, what can I do to help here? I’m not trying to persuade you to organize any green society (It would be better if you did it) or forcing you to be a vegetarian. Just do what you use to do daily such as:

  1. Be a faithful supporter for 3R concept.
  2. Bring your own reusable shopping bags each time you want to out for “hunting”.
  3. Avoid using plastic bags if not necessary.
  4. If you want to organize a party, try to limit the disposable tableware items.
  5. Make an organic fertilizer with your expired foods to reduce the rubbish amount.
  6. Plants bamboo at your garden/backyard, it can help produce more oxygen than other plants, up to 25% or even higher.
  7. Put a brick at your toilet’s flushing tank to reduce the flushing rate of water.
  8. Place a rainwater tank to collect water either for in-house or outdoor purposes.

We can easily practice the above actions in our daily life, the only matter is “Will You Mind” to work this out in a long term?

Happy Mother Earth Day to all of the Earthians…


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