Said No to Drug and Alcohol

For over thousand years, coca leaf or Erythroxylum coca have been found and used widely. According to the history, South American Indians love to chew or smoking coca leaves, they personally believe that the coca plant will blessing them with magical powers, and also may protect their body against the evil spirit. Furthermore, the pre-Columbian royal family classified the coca leaf as Inca royalty. The Inca royal family will only used coca leaf, either for religious events, mystical sacrifices, social interaction, or medicine preservation.

Scientist that first discovered the active ingredient, alkaloid substance from the coca leaf, by a German chemist named Albert Niemann. He called the compound name as “cocaine”. He also discovered that cocaine have been acted as anesthetic for over thousand of years.

After the discovery of cocaine, the cocaine started to spread like a disease. It exists at every corner all around the world. Most of the time, the cocaine available in a powder form, it also appears in the form of pills or liquid as well. Cocaine can be used to act as an anesthetic for the patient, but is only in a very small amount. If overdose, it will made a habit or addiction to the patient.

If a person addicted with cocaine, some of the following symptoms will be occurred:

  • Euphoria,
  • Decreased fatigue,
  • Extreme hyperactivity.

If overdosed, it will bring to some serious site effect as:

  • Paranoid behavior,
  • Tremors,
  • Vertigo,
  • Muscle twitches,
  • Extreme restlessness,
  • Auditory hallucinations.

Drug treatment is the best solution to overcome this kind of problem, where the Behavioral therapies are needed to treat the cocaine addicts. The Behavioral therapies include vocational rehabilitation, career counseling, contingency administration and cognitive-behavioral treatment.

Beside of drug abuse, the alcohol abuse also identify as one of the serious problem. Klonopin or ‘K-pin’ is well known as the popular ‘food’ among high school students. This ‘K-pin’ can be easily bought from the drug dealers, either at the school or streets, for only couple of dollars per pill. By consuming ‘K-pin’, it is equally to being drunk effect. If the ‘K-pin’ is mix with alcohol, this will become a dangerous killer.

Many of the side effects will arise, if a person consuming ‘K-pin’ for a long period. Some of the side effects include: dizziness, drowsiness, confusion and much more. If that person didn’t took any alcohol treatment, it will lead to a fatal long term damage!

To all dearest readers, if you find that any one of your family member, relative or friend is a drug or alcohol abuser, try to advice them to go to the treatment centers as soon as possible. Remember, “If you care about them, that’s mean you care about yourself as well”.

Good day.


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