Smart Cookies For Smart Lifestyle

Eating is one of our life daily need and must. Without a balance three meals a day, it definitely will affect our body health. Although everyone know, that they must have a healthy diet in their daily life, but how many of them will really take action? They also talk the talk, but still enjoy the ‘Food Feast’, once per week or even daily!

Don’t say that I’m old fashioned here, if you really want to have a healthy body and eating lifestyle, you have to strictly stick to the ‘2000 Calorie USDA Diet” guideline. What is a ‘Balanced Diet’? When we talk about Balanced Diet, it must contain the right amount of seven classes of food, in order to meet the daily requirements of the body. The daily energy requirement also depends on many factors, such as age, body size, sex, occupation, physical activity, climate and the state of health as well.

For those that didn’t happy about their recently weight, you all must trying very hard to lose the weight around. But, no matter how hard you try, the weight just remains the same and the body fat just don’t want to go away. Isn’t this really frustrated you?

One of my best friend, Maggie told me that she just nearly want to quit, because she really up set after 5 years of trying to lose her weight. Luckily, she finally managed to lose her weight, from super heavy 102kg until the slimy 52kg in just 6 months! I’m asked her the secret of losing weight, she told me all she did is really simple, just eating ‘Delicious Cookies’ everyday…

I’m feeling so curious about it. How just by eating cookies can loose her weight? Now I’m finally know, that the ‘Cookies’ is no an ordinary cookies, but a smart product from the Cookie Doctor. All of the cookies are made with highly organic ingredients, completely free of GMO and preservative. She just eat nine pieces of cookies each day, is about 1000kJ to make her body back to the fittest type she ever been in high school.

If you the person that do care about your body, you must go and have a look at this Cookie Doctor. Start to make a change for a better tomorrow…

Good day.


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