Rain Season Again Means Free Water...

The rain season will arrive at my living country in the mid November every year. When the rain seasone arrive, the water amount is in a very massive and unstoppable amount ( there was a huge flood disaster in my hometown last year and this flood was one of the most dreadful disaster in our history...)

As usual, when the rain season is coming, many states that alongside the sea coast will facing their nighmare again - flood ( feel sorry for the flood victims )

When it is raining, I like to collect the rainwater, either for in house use or outdoor use.
(That's why I can save a lot of money on water bills each month, especially in the raining season...)

For the outdoor, you can use rainwater for:

  • garden watering;
  • vehicle washing; ( no matter cars, bicycles, motorcycles, vans and much more)
  • floor washing.

For the inhouse, rainwater can use for:

  • toilet flusing; ( definitely will save a lot of water with this method )
  • clothes washing;
  • bathing; and
  • showering.

One more thing that I need to mention here, we can use the rainwater for outdoor Directly but when comes to in house uses, we need to do some extra work for the plumbing and filtering...

So, for those of you that never use rainwater for the above purposes, why don't you try it today. Beside of saving money, you also help to reduce the consumption of the tap water each month as well.

Good day.


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